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***Holly Placemat Free Download***
1068 Cable 1
1068A Cable Corner 1
1068B Cable Intersection
1069 Curlique Block 6
1069A Curlique Block 8
1069B Curlique Block 8-2
1069C Something in Red Block
1069D TKQ Curlique Border
1069E TKQ Curlique Border End
1069F Curlique Sash
1069G Curlique Sash End
1069H Curlique Sash Intersection
1069I Curlique Vine
1069J Curlique Vine End
1069K Curlique Vine Block
1069L Curlique Vine Block 2
1069M Curlique Vine Block 3
1069N Curlique Vine Triangle
1070 CurlyFeather Block 1
1070A CurlyFeather Block 2
1070B CurlyFeather Block 3
1071 Double Wedding Ring Rose
1072 DWR Curlique Melon
1073 DWR Leaf Block 1
1073a Leaf with Outline
1073b DWR Leaf Block 2
1073c DWR Leaf Block 3
1074 DWR Curlique Melon-P2P
1074a DWR P2P Curlique
1075 Egg and Dart Sash
1075a Egg and Dart Sash Corner
1076 Elm Leaf E2E
1077 Fan 1
1077a Fan 1 End
1077b Fan 1 Start
1077c Fan 1 X 6
1077d Fan 1 X 8
1077e Fan 1 X 10
1077f Fan 1 X 12
1078 Fan 2
1078aFan 2 End
1078b Fan 2 Start
1078c Fan 2 x 6
1078d Fan 2 x 8
1078e Fan 2 x 10
1078f Fan 2 x 12
1079 Feathered Pearl Wreath 1
1080 Feathered pearl Wreath 2
1080a Feathered Pearls Wreath 2 w/fill
1081 Feathered Pearls Wreath 2B
1081a Feathered Pearl Wreath 2B w/fill
1082 Feathered Pearl Wreath 3
1082a Feathered Pearl Wreath 3 w/fill
10x10 Cross Hatch Block
1108f 1111a 1244e 1252d 1264 2010i 2011 2024 2054 2061 2068f 2097a 2097 2104 1245e 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2126 2127 2128
1263 1263a 1264 1264a 1264b 1264c 1264d 1264e
136 Cable Set
139 Double Wedding Ring Rose Set
141 Fan 1 Set
142 Fan 2 Set
146 Feathered Pearls Wreath Set
148 TKQ Flower 5 Set
150 Feather Rosette Set
151 Flower Rosette Double Set
158 Maggie's Star Pattern Set
161 Rose Pattern Set
163 Samantha's Flower Set
165 Simple Swag Set
169 Wine Glass Set
172 Complete Orchard Blossom Set
178 Rocket Flower Pattern Set
186 TKQ Collection 1
187 TKQ Collection 2
2 Day Creative Studio Class
2001 2001a 2001b 2001c 2001d 2001e 2001f 2001g 2001h 2001i 2001j 2001l
2001h 2001i 2001g 2001l
2188 Small Feathered Pearl Wreath w/Grid + Fill Triangle
22" Daisy Wreath Pillow/Wall Hanging Pattern
22" Feathered Wreath Wall Quilt Pattern
2215 Winners Bouquet Center
2215A Winners Bouquet Melon
2215B Winners Bouquet Cornerstone
2215C Winners Bouquet Center Half
2215D Winners Bouquet Cornerstone Half
2215E Winners Bouquet Center Quarter
2217 Feathered Curlique E2E
2224 Marian's Floral Lonestar P2P
2224A Marian's Floral Lonestar Diamond P2P Half
2224B Marian's Floral Lonestar Block
2224C Marian's Floral Lonestar Triangle
2225 Feathered Fern Diamond P2P
2225A Feathered Fern Diamond P2P Half
2225B Sunburst Block
2225C Sunburst Triangle
2226 Graceful Vine E2E
2227 Arrows Diamond P2P
2228 NY Sun Wide Border
2228A NY Sun Wide Border Corner
2229 Floral Vine Border
2229A Floral Vine Border Corner
2230 Grapevine Border Block
2230A Grapevine Wreath Block
2230B Grapevine Block
2230C Grapevine Border Corner Block
2231 Squares 1
2231A Squares 2
2231B Squares 3
2231C Squares 4
2231D Squares 5
2231E Squares 6
2232 Diagonals 8
2232a Diagonals 10
2232B Diagonals 12
2232C Diagonals 14
2233 Double Diagonals 8
2233A Double Diagonals 10
2233B Double Diagonals 12
2234 Pretty Posies Flying Goose P2P
2234A Pretty Posies Flying Goose 2 P2P
2235 Hexagon Flower
2236 Dahlia 1 P2P
2236A Dahlia 2 P2P
2236B Dahlia 3 P2P
2236C Dahlia 4 P2P
2236D Dahlia 5 P2P
2236E Dahlia 6 P2P
2236F Dahlia 7 P2P
2237 Dahlia 1 Block
2237A Dahlia 2 Block
2237B Dahlia 3 Block
2237C Dahlia 4 Block
2237D Dahlia 5 Block
2237E Dahlia 6 Block
2237F Dahlia 7 Block
2238 Hexagon Star Half Block
2239 Log Cabin Block 11
2240 Log Cabin Block 12
2241 Simple Flying Goose P2P
2242 Julie's Block
2243 Curling Sash Block
2243A Simple Curling Border
2243B Simple Curling Border Corner
2243C Simple Curling Triangle
2243D Simple Curling Block
2244 Irish Chain Feather Wreath
2244A Irish Chain Feather Wreath 2
2244B Irish Chain Feather Wreath 3
2245 Feather Border Motif
2245A Feather Border Corner Motif
2246 Serpentine Feather Border Corner
2246A Serpentine Feather Border
2246B Serpentine Feather Border Corner 2
2247 Twisted Feathers N Ferns
2248 Cable Corner 2
2248A Cable Block
2249 60 Degree Diamond Feather
2250 Equilateral Triangle
2251 Paisley & Feathers E2E
2252 Wandering Thistle E2E
2253 Curly Feather Triangle P2P
2255 Ginkgo Block 1
2255A Ginkgo Block 2
2255B Ginkgo Circle
2255C Ginkgo Triangle
2255D Ginkgo Border
2255E Ginkgo Border Corner
2255F Ginkgo Wide Border
2255G Ginkgo Wide Border Corner
2256 Simple Ginkgo E2E
2257 Log Cabin Block 13
2258 Curlique Fan Background
2259 Fern 12 Background Fill
2260 Cats Allover E2E
2261 Feathered Pearl Wreath 2 With Frame
2262 Holly N Curls E2E
2263 Pumpkin Border
2264 Woven Star
2264A Woven Star Block 2
2265 Rose Vine Border
2265A Rose Vine Border Corner
2266 P2P Double Curve
2267 Scalloped Feather Border Corner 2
2268 Elvis & Chicks E2E
2269 Winding Fern and Feathers
2270 Fern n Feather Motif
2271 Feathered Swag with Pearls
2271A Feathered Swag with Pearls Corner
2272 Feather Wreath 1 Half
2273 Pineapple Block 1
2273A Pineapple Block 2
2273B Pineapple Block 3
2273C Pineapple Block 1 Quarter
2273D Pineapple Block 1 Half
2273E Pineapple Block 2 Half
2274 Arrows Diamond Half 1 P2P
2274A Arrows Diamond Half 2 P2P
2275 Hexagon Star Tri P2P
2275A Hexagon Star Tri 2 P2P
2276 Mariners Compass Background 1
2276A Mariners Compass Background 2
2277 Its a Gamble E2E
2278 Circular Lonestar Background
2279 Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 with Background Quarter
2279A Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 w Background Half Tri
2280 Fern Border
2280A Fern Border Corner
2281 Flowering Vine E2E
2282 Sunburst Block 10-6
2282A Sunburst Block Tri 10-6
2283 Simple Flowering Vine E2E
2284 Ivy E2E
2285 Curling E2E
2286 Summer Leaves E2E
2287 Ferns N Feathers E2E
2287A Ferns N Feathers 2 E2E
2287B Feathers N Ferns E2E
2288 Auburn Football E2E
2289 Graceful Flowers E2E
2290 GA Dawgs Football E2E
2291 Feather with Outline
2292 Feather Flower & Pearls
2292A Feather Flower & Pearls Half
2292B Feather Flower & Pearls Quarter
2293 Melissa's Star
2294 Maggies Star Diamond P2P
2295 Feathered Star Tree Skirt Section
2296 Feather Bouquet Triangle
2297 Wide Simple Feather Border
2298 Star & Background
2299 Pine Sash
2299A Pine Border
2299B Pine Border Corner
2301 Blowin in the Wind E2E 2
2302 Oak Leaf E2E
2303 Simple Oak & Acorn E2E
2304 Large Feathered Wreath & Grid
2305 Goodnight Moon E2E
2306 Moon N Stars E2E
2307 Elegant Leaf Block
2308 Irish Chain Variation Feather
2308A Irish Chain Variation Feather 2
2309 Log Cabin Block 14
2310 Iris Irish Chain Block 1
2310A Iris Irish Chain Block 2
2310B Iris Border
2310C Iris Border Corner
2310D Iris Irish Chain Block 3
2311 Vickies Dresden Leaves
2312 Little 6 Star 1
2312A Little 6 Star 1 Half
2313 Little 6 Star 2
2313A Little 6 Star 2 Half
2314 Little 6 Star 3
2314A Little 6 Star 3 Half
2314A Little 6 Star 3 Half
2315 Little 6 Star 4
2315A Little 6 Star 4 Half
2316 Roxannas Basket Triangle
2316A Roxannas Basket Half Triangle
2317 Little Fern Border
2317A Little Fern Border Corner
2319 Sudoku E2E
2320 Offset Log Cabin Block
2321 Lt-Dk 36 Patch Block
2322 Floral Square
2323 Maggies Star Diamond Half
2324 Star Struck Log Cabin
2324A Star Struck Feather
2324B Star Struck Feather 2
2324C Star Struck Feather 3
2324D Star Struck Log Cabin Half 1
2324E Star Struck Log Cabin Half 2
2325 Feathered Square Center
2326 Nine Patch Motif
2327 Blooming Feather
2328 Continuous Egg N Dart Sash
2328A Continuous Egg N Dart Sash End
2329 Scrolling Feather Border
2329A Scrolling Feather Border Corner
2330 Gingko Circle Half
2331 DWR Floral Block Half
2331A DWR Floral Block Qtr
2331B Floral DWR Melon Half P2P
2331C DWR Melon Half 2
2332 Buzz Saw Block 1
2333 Buzz Saw Block 2
2333A Buzz Saw Block Half
2333B Buzz Saw Block Quarter
2334 Arrow Block
2335 Simple Curlique Tri P2P
2336 Delectable Mountain Block 1 P2P
2336A Delectable Mountain Block 2 P2P
2337 Full Bloom Star Block
2338 Amazon Star Diamond 1
2338A Amazon Star Diamond 1Half P2P
2338B Amazon Star Block 2
2338C Amazon Star Block 3A
2338D Amazon Star Block 3B
2338E Amazon Star Block 4
2338F Amazon Star Block 5
2338G Amazon Star Block 6A
2338H Amazon Star Block 6B
2338I Amazon Star Block 7A
2338J Amazon Star Block 7B
2339 Drunkards Path V3 Block 1
2339A Drunkards Path V3 Block 2
2339B Drunkards Path V3 Block 2B
2339C Drunkards Path V3 Block 2C
2339D Drunkards Path V3 Block 2D
2339E Drunkards Path V3 Block 2E
2339F Drunkards Path V3 Block 1A
2339G Drunkards Path V3 Block 1B
2339H Drunkards Path V3 Block 1C
2340 DWR Outline Block
2340A DWR Outline P2P
2341 Cool Beads E2E
2342 Easy Breezy E2E
2343 Orchard Blossom Block P2P
2344 Saundras Flower
2345 KSU E2E
2346 Simple Tiger Fern E2E
2347 CC Square and Button P2P
2348 Little Diamond 1 P2P
2348A Little Diamond 2 P2P
2348B Little Diamond 3 P2P
2348C Little Diamond 4 P2P
2348D Little Diamond 5 P2P
2348E Little Diamond 6 P2P
2349 Buzz Saw Variation 2 Blk
2349A Buzz Saw Variation 2 Blk Half
2349B Buzz Saw Variation 2 Blk Qtr
2350 Graceful Vine Border 10
2350A Graceful Vine Border 10 Corner
2351 Graceful Vine Block 4
2351A Graceful Vine Block 5
2351B Graceful Vine Block 6
2351C Graceful Vine Block 12
2351D Graceful Vine Block 16
2351E Graceful Vine Block 16 Half
2351F Graceful Vine Block 16 Triangle
2351G Graceful Vine Block 16 Triangle 2
2351H Graceful Vine Block 4 Tri P2P
2351I Graceful Vine Block 4 Half
2351J Graceful Vine Block 16 Quarter
2351K Graceful Vine Border 3
2351L Graceful Vine Border 5
2351M Graceful Vine Border 5 Corner
2351N Graceful Vine Border 8
2351O Graceful Vine Border 8 Corner
2351P Graceful Vine Letter S
2351Q Graceful Vine Triangle P2P
2351R Graceful Vine Block 4 Tri
2351S Graceful Vine Border 3 Corner
2352 Star Feather Flower
2353 Hoot Owl 1
2353A Hoot Owl 2
2353B Hoot Owl E2E
2354 Leaves N Tendrils Star
2357 Curlique E2E
2358 Single Tendril
2358A Curli Arc P2P
2359 English Ivy Border
2359A English Ivy Border Corner
2359B English Ivy Border 6
2359C English Ivy Border 6 Corner
2359D English Ivy Border 4
2359E English Ivy Border 4 Corner
2359F English Ivy Block 12
2359G English Ivy Block 12 Half
2359H English Ivy Block 16
2359I English Ivy Wreath 18
2359J English Ivy Block 6
2359K English Ivy Block 6 Half
2359L English Ivy Block 6 Triangle
2359M English Ivy Block 4
2359N English Ivy Block 4 P2P
2359O English Ivy Triangle
2359P English Ivy Block 14
2359Q English Ivy Triangle 2
2359R English Ivy Block 8
2359S English Ivy Border 5
2359T English Ivy Border 5 Corner
2359U English Ivy E2E
2359V English Ivy E2E 2
2359W English Ivy Placemat
2359X English Ivy Runner
2360 Maggies Star Flower 2 Half
2360A Maggies Star Flower 2 Quarter
2361 Pearl & Hatch Circle
2362 Samanthas Dresden Background Blk
2362A Samanthas Dresden Background Blk Half
2362B Samanthas Dresden Background Blk Qtr
2363 Vintage Moments Floral Block 1
2363A Vintage Moments Floral Block 2
2363B Vintage Moments Floral Block 3
2363C Vintage Moments Floral Triangle
2363D Vintage Moments Floral Triangle Cnr
2363E Vintage Moments Floral Star Point
2363F Vintage Moments Floral Bars
2363G Vintage Moments Floral Bars Corner
2364 Drunkards Path 4 Block 1
2364A Drunkards Path 4 Block 2
2364B Drunkards Path 4 Block 3
2365 Simple Curlique Triangle 2 P2P
2365A Simple Curlique Triangle 3 P2P
2365B Simple Curlique Block
2366 Joans P2P Feather Diamond
2367 Star Feather Flower 2
2368 Orion Star Block
2368A Orion Star Half Block
2369 Swirling Star Half
2369A Swirling Star Quarter
2370 Log Cabin Block 15
2371 Feathers N Ferns Ohio Star
2372 Single Wineglass
2373 Feather Fan Block
2374 Feather Fan Border
2375 Country Charm Fan
2375A Country Charm Fan Background
2376 Scalloped Feather Edge
2376A Scalloped Feather Edge Cnr
2376B Feather Flowers & Swags
2376C Feather Swag Frame
2377 Lemoyne Star Block 12
2377A Ohio Star Block 9
2378 Garden Patch Star Block 15
2379 Variable Star Block 12
2379A Variable Star Block 12A
2379B Variable Star Block 12B
2380 Friendship Star Block 9
2381 Variable Star Block 16
2382 Feathered Wreath 2
2382A Feathered Wreath 2 Half
2383 9-Patch Tri 1
2383A 9-Patch Tri 2
2384 Ornamental Maple E2E
2386 Oak Leaf Fill 1 P2P
2386A Oak Leaf Fill 2 P2P
2386B Starlit Path Block 1A
2386C Melon Fill P2P
2386D Oak Leaves & Reel Blk 1
2386E Oak Leaves & Reel Blk 2
2386F Oak Leaves & Reel Blk 3
2387 Curlique Sash Block 4 12
2387A Curlique Sash Block 4 12 Cnr
2388 Daisy Patch Block 9
2388A Daisy w Fill Tri Half
2389 Feathered Dogwoods Wall Quilt
2389A Feathered Dogwoods Center
2389B Feathered Dogwoods Block
2390 Paulas Sunburst Block
2391 Pams Tulip
2392 Rondas Log Cabin Blk Hlf
2393 Beths Block
2394 Dogwood E2E
2394A Dogwood Border 5
2394B Dogwood Border 5 Corner
2394C Dogwood Block 5
2394D Dogwood Block 7
2394E Dogwood Block 7 Tri
2394F Dogwood Block 7 Half
2394G Dogwood Block 7 Tri P2P
2394H Dogwood Blk 7 Alt2 Tri P2P
2394I Dogwood Block 14
2394J Dogwood Block 14 Half
2394K Dogwood Block 14 Tri
2395 Mixin It Up E2E
2396 Sweetest E2E
2397 MFC Block 10
2397A MFC Block 10 Half
2397B MFC Block 10 Quarter
2397C MFC Block 10 Tri P2P
2397D MFC Block 10 Tri
2397E MFC Block 8
2397F MFC Block 8 Half
2397G MFC Block 8 Qtr
2397H MFC Block 8 Tri
2397I MFC Block 8 Small Tri
2397J MFC Block 5
2397K MFC Block 5 Tri
2397L MFC Block 5 Half
2397M MFC Block 10 Qtr Tri
2397N MFC Block 10 Qtr Tri P2P
2397O MFC Block 6
2397P MFC Block 6 Tri P2P
2397Q MFC Block 6 Sm Tri P2P
2397R MFC Block 5
2397S MFC Block 5 Half
2397T MFC Block 12
2397U MFC Large Block 20
2397V MFC Border 5
2397W MFC Border 3
2397X MFC Block 7
2397Y MFC Block 7 Tri
2397Z MFC Border 7 Corner
2397Z2 MFC Border 7
2397Z3 MFC Triangle P2P
2398 Rooster Tail Feather Border 7
2398A Rooster Tail Feather Border 7 Cnr
2398B Rooster Tail Feather Sash 3
2398C Rooster Tail Feather Sash 3 Cnr
2398D Rooster Tail Feather Sash 2
2398E Rooster Tail Feather Blk 14
2398F Rooster Tail Feather Blk 14 Half
2398G Rooster Tail Feather Blk 14 Tri
2398H Rooster Tail Feather Wreath 16 Block
2398I Rooster Tail Feather Wreath 16 Tri
2398J Rooster Tail Feather Blk 6
2398K Rooster Tail Feather Blk 6 Half
2398L Rooster Tail Feather Blk 6 Tri
2398M Rooster Tail Feather Tri P2P
2398N Rooster Tail Feather Tri2 P2P
2398O Rooster Tail Feather Blk 11
2398P Rooster Tail Feather Tri3 P2P
2398Q Rooster Tail Feather Tri4 P2P
2398R Rooster Tail Flying Goose P2P
2398S Rooster Tail Square P2P
2399 May Flowers E2E
2399A April Showers E2E
2400 Grid & Curliques Frame
2401 Ornamental Wide Border
2401A Ornamental Wide Bdr Cnr
2402 Dans Daisies E2E
2402A Dans Daisies E2E 2
2402B Dans Daisies E2E 3
2402C Dans Daisies Block 14
2402D Dans Daisies Block 14 Half
2402E Dans Daisies Blk 14 Tri
2402F Dans Daisies Block 10
2402G Dans Daisies Block 10 Half
2402H Dans Daisies Blk 10 Tri
2402I Dans Daisies Square P2P
2402J Dans Daisies Blk 4
2402K Dans Daisies Blk 5
2402L Dans Daisies Blk 16
2402M Dans Daisies Blk 16 Tri
2402N Dans Daisies Blk 16 Half
2402O Dans Daisies Border 7
2402P Dans Daisies Bdr 7 Cnr
2402Q Dans Daisies Border 5
2402R Dans Bdr 5 Cnr
2402S Dans Daisies Border 3
2402T Dans Border 3 Cnr
2402U Dans Daisies Blk20 Tri1 P2P
2402V Dans Daisies Blk 20
2402W Dans Daisies Blk20 Tri2 P2P
2402X Dans Daisies Diamond
2402Y Dans Daisies Hexagon
2403 Summer Cabin Pine Border
2403A Summer Cabin Pine Bdr Cnr
2403B Summer Cabin Pine Block
2403C Summer Cabin Scene E2E 1
2403D Summer Cabin Scene E2E 2
2404 Little Block 1
2404A Little Block 1 Half
2404B Little Block 1 Tri
2404C Little Block 1 Tri P2P
2405 Little Block 2
2405A Little Block 2 Half
2405B Little Block 2 Tri
2405C Little Block 2 Tri P2P
2406 Little Block 3
2406A Little Block 3 Half
2406B Little Block 3 Tri
2406C Little Block 3 Tri P2P
2407 Loop Sash
2407A Loop Sash Corner
2408 Arrow Sash
2408A Arrow Sash Corner
2409 Trim Sash
2409A Trim Sash Corner
2410 Point Sash
2410A Point Sash Corner
2411 Button Sash
2411A Button Sash Corner
2412 Fancy Bead Sash
2412A Fancy Bead Sash Corner
2413 Oak Leaf Block 12
2413A Oak Leaf Block 12 Half
2413B Oak Leaf Block 12 Motif
2413B2 Oak Leaf Block 12 Tri
2413C Oak Leaf Block P2P
2413D Oak Leaf Block 5
2413E Oak Leaf Block 10
2413F Oak Leaf Border 5
2413G Oak Leaf Border 5 Cnr
2413H Oak Leaf Border 8
2413I Oak Leaf Border 8 Cnr
2413J Oak Leaf Runner
2414 Arabian Block 10
2414A Arabian Block 10 Half
2414B Arabian Block 10 Tri
2414C Arabian Block 10 Tri P2P
2414D Arabian Block 7
2414E Arabian Block 7 Tri
2414F Arabian Block 7 Half
2414G Arabian Block 7 Tri P2P
2414H Arabian E2E
2415 Graceful Vine P2P Sash 2-16
2415A Graceful Vine Sash 2
2415B Graceful Vine Sash 2 Corner
2415C Graceful Vine P2P Sash 2-12
2415D Graceful Vine P2P Sash 2-8
2416 Log Cabin 17
2417 Louisas P2P Feather Half 1
2417A Louisas P2P Feather Half 2
2417B Louisas P2P Square
2417C Louisas Feather
2418 Fancy Feather Block 16
2418A Fancy Feather Block 16 Half
2418B Fancy Feather Block 16 Tri
2418C Fancy Feather Block 12
2418D Fancy Feather Block 12 Half
2418E Fancy Feather Block 12 Tri
2418F Fancy Feather Block 6
2418G Fancy Feather Block 6 Half
2418H Fancy Feather Block 6 Tri
2418I Fancy Feather Block 4
2418J Fancy Feather Block 4 Half
2418K Fancy Feather Block 4 Tri
2419 Marians Floral E2E
2420 Wedding Star Feather Block 1
2420A Wedding Star Feather Block 2
2420B Wedding Star Feather Block 3
2420C Wedding Star Feather Block 4
2421 Hexagon Star Small
2422 Pansy Dresden Plate Frame
2422A Dresden Blade P2P
2422B Pansy Dresden Center
2422C Pansy Dresden Pillow Block
2422D Pansy Border 4
2422E Pansy Bdr 4 Cnr
2422F Pansy Tri
2422G Pansy Tri P2P
2422H Pansy Block 10
2423 Marians Floral Block 2A Center
2424 Rosebud E2E
2425 Jazzed Up Feather Sash 5-8
2425A Jazzed Up Feather Sash 5-11
2425B Jazzed Up Feather Sash 5-15
2425C Jazzed Up Feather Sash 5-19
2426 Elegant Feather Sash 4-9 P2P
2426A Elegant Feather Sash 4-12 P2P
2426B Elegant Feather Sash 4-15 P2P
2426C Elegant Feather Sash 4-18 P2P
2426D Elegant Feather Block 12
2426E Elegant Feather Block 12 Half
2426F Elegant Feather Block 12 Tri
2426G Elegant Feather Block 12 Tri P2P
2426H Elegant Feather Block 12 Tri2 P2P
2426I Elegant Feather Block 6
2426J Elegant Feather Block 6 Half
2426K Elegant Feather Block 6 Tri P2P
2427 CQ Sash 2-8 P2P
2427A CQ Sash 2-12 P2P
2427B CQ Sash 2-16 P2P
2428 Just a Rose 10
2428A Just a Rose 10 Half Blk
2428B Just a Rose Tri Blk
2429 TKQ Acanthus 1 E2E
2429A TKQ Acanthus Medallion 20
2429B Acanthus Block 20
2429C TKQ Acanthus Border 4
2429D TKQ Acanthus Border 4 Cnr
2429E TKQ Acanthus Border 8
2429F TKQ Acanthus Border 8 Corner
2429G TKQ Acanthus Border 5
2429H TKQ Acanthus Border 5 Corner
2429I TKQ Acanthus Border 10
2429J TKQ Acanthus Border 10 Corner
2429K TKQ Acanthus Block 10
2429L TKQ Acanthus Tri 10 P2P
2429M TKQ Acanthus Tri 14 P2P
2429N TKQ Acanthus Tri2 14 P2P
2429O TKQ Acanthus Block 8
2429P TKQ Acanthus Blk 8 Half
2429Q TKQ Acanthus Block 16
2429R TKQ Acanthus Block 16 Tri
2429S TKQ Acanthus Leaf
2429T TKQ Acanthus Leaf Motif
2429U TKQ Acanthus Leaf Motif 2
2429V TKQ Acanthus Leaf 4 P2P
2430 Orion Star QTR Block
2431 Dutch Windmill Leaf P2P
2431A Dutch Windmill Block
2432 DW Daisy
2432A DW Daisy Qtr
2433 Feathered Pearl Melon
2433A Glorified 9 Patch Center
2433B Glorified 9 Patch Center Hlf
2433C Glorified 9 Patch Center Qtr
2433D Glorified 9 Patch Center 2
2434 Leaves E2E
2435 Meander E2E
2436 Holly Sash P2P 2-4
2436A Holly Sash P2P 2-8
2436B Holly Sash P2P 2-12
2436C Holly Sash P2P 2-16
2437 Ivy Sash P2P 3-6
2437A Ivy Sash P2P 3-11
2437B Ivy Sash P2P 3-16
2437C Ivy Sash P2P 3-21
2438 Holiday Lights E2E
2439 Pointsettia E2E
2439A Pointsettia Border 6
2439B Pointsettia Border 6 Cnr
2440 Cute Snowflake Block
2440A Cute Snowflake Block Hlf
2441 Kats Posie Sash
2441A Kats Posie Sash Cnr
2442 Cable Block 2
2442A Cable Block 2 Half
2442B Cable Block 2 Qtr
2443 Vine Sash P2P 2-6
2443A Vine Sash P2P 2-12
2443B Vine Sash P2P 2-18
2443C Vine Sash 2
2443D Vine Sash 2 Cnr
2444 Leaf Square P2P
2444A Leaf Tall Tri P2P
2444B Little Curlique Tri P2P
2445 Elegant Leaf Tri P2P
2446 Wandering Feathers E2E
2446A Wandering Feathers E2E Cnr
2446B Wandering Feathers Large Block 20
2447 Monkey Tails E2E
2447A Monkey Tails Border
2447B Monkey Tails Border Cnr
2448 Feather Square P2P
2448A Feather Tall Tri P2P
2448B Feather Tri 6 P2P
2448C Feather Tri 8 P2P
2449 123 Border 3
2449A 123 Border 3 Cnr
2449B 123 E2E
2450 Petals Border 4
2450A Petals Border 4 Cnr
2451 P2P Scrolls for Right Tri
2451A Scroll Triangle 1
2451AA Scroll Block 16 Grid
2451B Scroll Triangle 1 P2P
2451BB Scroll Block 6
2451C Scroll Block 12
2451CC Scroll Block 6 Half
2451D Scroll Triangle 2
2451DD Scroll Block 6 Tri
2451E Scroll Triangle 2 P2P
2451EE Scroll Block 6 Tri P2P
2451F Scroll Block 16
2451G Scroll Block 14
2451H Scroll Triangle 3 P2P
2451I Scroll Block 14 Half
2451J Scroll Block 14 Qtr
2451K Scroll Block 8
2451L Scroll Block 8 Half
2451M Scroll Block 8 Qtr
2451N Scroll Block 8 Tri P2P
2451O Scroll Block 7
2451P Scroll Block 7 Half
2451Q Scroll Circle 12
2451R Scroll Circle 12 Half
2451S Scroll DWR Block 1
2451T Scroll DWR Block 2
2451U Scroll Border 6
2451V Scroll Border 6 Cnr
2451W Scroll Border 4
2451X Scroll Border 4 Cnr
2451Y Scroll Block 16
2451YY Scroll Block 16 Tri
2451Z Scroll Block 16 Frame
2452 Bars Square 6 P2P
2453 CQ Tri P2P
2453A CQ Block 10
2454 Simple Tri P2P
2454A Simple Tri 2 P2P
2454B Simple Block 4
2455 Jade E2E
2456 Gretchens Log Cabin Block
2456A Gretchens Log Cabin Block 2
2457 Grapevine E2E
2458 Running Paint E2E
2459 Horseshoe E2E 1
2459A Horseshoe E2E 2
246 Autumn Harvest Leaves Set
2460 Lg Simple Feathered Sqr Tri
2460A Lg Simple Feathered Sqr Half Tri
2461 Dresden Feather Frame 1
2461A Dresden Feather Frame
2461B Dresden Feather Block
2461C Dresden Feather Tri P2P
2461D Dresden Feather Tri
2462 Joans Pearl Wreath
2462A Joans Pearl Wreath Half
2463 Debs Star Irish Chain Block
2463A Double Irish Chain Block
2463B Double Irish Chain Edge Blk
2464 Butterfly Fan Medallion
2464A Butterfly Fan Background
2464B Butterfly Fan Medallion Pillow
2464C Butterfly Block 12
2464D Butterfly Block 12 Half
2464E Butterfly Block 12 Qtr
2464F Butterfly Triangle
2464G Butterfly Triangle P2P
2464H Butterfly Block 16
2464I Butterfly Blk 16 Tri P2P
2464J Butterfly Blk 16 Tri
2465 Beths Log Cabin Block
2466 Elegant Leaf Wide Border 12
2466A Elegant Leaf Wide Bdr 12 Cnr
2467 Heathers Weathervane Block
2468 Heathers Irish Chain P2P
2469 Variable Star Block 16 Var
2469A Variable Star Block 16 Half
2469B Variable Star Block 16 Qtr
2470 Octagonal Flower
2470A Octagonal Flower Half
2471 Octagonal Feather Flower
2471A Octagonal Feather Flower Half
2472 Marians Floral E2E 2
2473 Horseshoe Border 5
2473A Horseshoe Border 5 Cnr
2473B Horseshoe & Spur Block 14
2473C Horseshoe & Spur Block 14 Half
2473D Horseshoe & Star Block 6
2473E Horseshoe & Star Block 12
2473F Horseshoe & Star Block 12 Half
2473G Barbed Wire & Spur Block 5
2473H Barbed Wire & Spur Block 5 Half
2473I Star Sash 3
2473J Star Sash 3 Cnr
2473K Horseshoe & Spur Block 14 Tri
2473L Horseshoe & Star Block 12 Tri
2473M Barbed Wire Sash 2
2473N Barbed Wire Sash 1
2474 Jingle Bells E2E
2475 Totally Mod Circles E2E
2475A Totally Mod Squares E2E
2476 Blooming Feathers E2E
2476A Blooming Feathers Block 16
2476B Blooming Feathers Block 16 Half
2476C Blooming Feathers Block 16 Qtr
2476D Blooming Feathers Block 16 Tri
2476E Blooming Feathers Block 12
2476F Blooming Feathers Block 12 Half
2476G Blooming Feathers Block 12 Qtr
2478 Marians Floral Border 6
2478A Marians Floral Border 6 Cnr
2478B Marians Floral Circle 14
2478C Marians Floral Sash 3
2478D Marians Floral Sash 3 Cnr
2478E Marians Floral Block 12
2478F Marians Floral Block 12 Half
2478G Marians Floral Block 12 Tri
2478H Marians Floral Wreath 10
2478I Marians Floral Wreath 10 Half
2478K Marians Floral Block Pillow 20
2479 Curve Tri Fill 1
2479A Curve Tri Fill 2
2480 Wandering Peacock Feathers E2E
2481 4x4 Framed Cross Hatch
2481A Framed Feather Block
2482 Blooming Feathers E2E 2
2482A Blooming Feathers Sash 4
2482B Blooming Feathers Sash 4 Cnr
2482C Blooming Feathers Pillow
2482D Blooming Feathers Tri
2483 Leaf Vine Tri P2P
2483A Leaf Vine Corner Tri P2P
2483B Leaf Vine Block 10
2483C Leaf Vine Block 14
2484 Debs Star Irish Chain Blk Hlf
2484A Debs Star Irish Chain Blk Hlf 2
2485 Curling Ferns Border 4
2485A Curling Ferns Bdr 4 Cnr
2485B Curling Ferns Block 13
2485C Curling Ferns Block 13 Tri
2485D Curling Ferns Block 13 Tri P2P
2485E Curling Ferns Block 16
2485F Curling Ferns Block 16 Half
2485G Curling Ferns Block 16 Qtr
2485H Curling Ferns Block 14
2485I Curling Ferns E2E
2485J Curling Ferns Arc P2P
2485K Curling Ferns Border 6
2485L Curling Ferns Border 6 Corner
2485M Curling Ferns Block 6
2485N Curling Ferns Outer Border 6
2486 DWR Feather 2 Center
2486A DWR Feather 2 Melon
2486B DWR Feather 2 Cornerstone
2486C DWR Feather 2 Cornerstone 2
2486D DWR Feather 2 Cornerstone 3
2487 Leaf Vine Sash P2P 1-8
2487A Leaf Vine Sash P2P 1-12
2487B Leaf Vine Sash P2P 1-4
2488 Leaf Vine Sash P2P 2-8
2488A Leaf Vine Sash P2P 2-16
2489 Simple Harmony Block 18
2489A Simple Harmony Block A
2489B Simple Harmony Block B
2489C Simple Harmony Block C
2489D Simple Harmony Block D
2489E Simple Harmony Border P2P
2490 Leaf Vine Border 4
2490A Leaf Vine Bdr 4 Cnr
2490B Leaf Vine Block 16
2491 Arrows Tri P2P
2491A Arrows Tri 2 P2P
2491B Arrows Feather Block 12
2491C Arrows Feather Sash 10
2491D Arrows Feather Sash 10 P2P
2491E Arrows Feather Block 12 Cnr
2491F Arrows Feather Block 12 Side
2492 Feather Curlique Fan
2493 Simply Elegant Feather Blk 10
2493A Simply Elegant Feather Bdr 6
2493B Simply Elegant Feather Bdr 6 Cnr
2493C Simply Elegant Fthr Blk 10 Hlf
2493D Simply Elegant Fthr Blk 10 Qtr
2493E Simply Elegant Feather Blk 18
2494 Star Block 10
2495 Michelles P2P Square 3
2495A Michelles Square 6
2496 Rooster Tail E2E
2497 Apple OP With Grid
2497A Apple With Grid
2497B Apple Block
2497C Apple E2E
2497D Apple Border 5
2497E Apple Border 5 Cnr
2498 Christines Fan
2498A Christines Fan Background
2499 Curling Ferns Pillow
25 Patch Block
250 Busy Bees Set
2500 Floral Elegance E2E
2501 Simply Elegant Wall Quilt
2502 Wild N Crazy Daizies Border 10
2502A Wild N Crazy Daizies Bdr 10 Cnr
2502B Wild N Crazy Daizies Blk 15
2502C Wild N Crazy Daizies Circle 18
2502D Wild N Crazy Daizies Tri
2502E Wild N Crazy Daizies E2E
2503 Simply Elegant Feather Tri P2P
2503A Simply Elegant Fthr Tri2 P2P
2503B Simply Elegant Fthr Blk 16
2503C Simply Elegant Fthr Blk 16 Tri
2503D Simply Elegant Fthr Tri
2504 Single Irish Chain Feather 1
2504A Single Irish Chain Feather 2
2504B Single Irish Chain Feather 3
2505 Little 8 Snowflake 1
2505A Little 8 Snowflake 2
2505B Little 8 Snowflake 3
2505C Little 8 Snowflake 4
2506 Sandys Carpenters Star
2506A Sandys Carpenters Star Block 16
2506B Sandys Carpenters Star Edge
2506C Sandys Carpenters Star Center
2506D Sandys Carpenters Star Feather
2506E Sandys Star
2507 Bellas Feather Border 7
2507A Bellas Feather Border Corner
2507B Bellas Feather Block 18
2508 Curly Triangle P2P
2508A Curly Block 8
2508B Curly Triangle 2 P2P
2508C Small Curly Triangle P2P
2509 Bubble Block 8
2509A Bubble Block 8 Half
2509B Bubble Block 16
2509C Bubble Block 16 Half
2510 Cloudy Sky E2E
2511 Go Goldfish E2E
2512 Curling Ferns Bdr Cnr 2
2512A Curling Ferns Block 14
2513 ABC E2E
2513A ABC Border 3
2513B ABC Block 15
2513C 123 Block 15
2513D ABC Border 3 Cnr
2514 Feather&Maple Log Cabin
2515 Variable Star Block 12 2
2516 Bellas Feather Block 18 Half
2516A Bellas Feather Block 18 Tri
2516B Bellas Feather Tri
2517 Floral Elegance Block 6
2517A Floral Elegance Border 10
2517B Floral Elegance Bdr 10 Cnr
2517C Floral Elegance Block 20
2517D Floral Elegance Border 5
2517E Floral Elegance Bdr 5 Cnr
2517F Floral Elegance Block 16
2517G Floral Elegance Tri P2P
2517H Floral Elegance Block 10
2517I Floral Elegance Blk 10 Tri
2517J Floral Elegance Blk 10 Tri P2P
2517K Floral Elegance Sash 2
2517L Floral Elegance Sash 2 Cnr
2517M Floral Elegance Tri P2P 2
2518 Faith Hope Love E2E
2519 Curling Ferns Dresden Corner
2519A Curling Ferns Dresden Fan
2519B Curling Ferns Dresden Block 18
2520 Rosemarys Feather Border
2520A Rosemarys Feather Bdr Cnr
2520B Rosemarys Feather Swag P2P
2520C Rosemarys Feather Block 8
2520D Rosemarys Feather Block 8 Tri
2520E Rosemarys Feather Block 8 Tri P2P
2520F Rosemarys Feather Hexagon
2520G Rosemarys Feather Table Topper
2520H Rosemarys Eq Tri Feather P2P
2520I Rosemarys Feather Block 16
2521 Feathered Diamond Long Half
2522 Snow Flurries E2E
2522A Snow Flurries 2 E2E
2522B Snow & Mittens E2E
2522C Snowman E2E
2522D SnowAngel E2E
2522E Snow Flurries Border 6
2522F Snow Flurries Bdr 6 Cnr
2522G Snow Flurries Block 15
2522H Snow Flurries Block 10
2522I Snow Flurries Blk 15 Tri
2522J Snow Flurries Blk 15 Tri P2P
2522K Mittens Border 4
2522L Mittens Border 4 Cnr
2523 Whirley Gig Vine Blk
2524 Funky Star E2E
2525 Breast Cancer Awareness E2E
2526 Als Curved Log Cabin Blk
2527 Blooming Block 16
2527A Blooming Block 16 Tri
2527B Blooming Block 20
2527C Blooming Border 8
2527D Blooming Border 8 Cnr
2527E Blooming Center Block
2527F Blooming Block 8
2527G Blooming Block 12
2527H Blooming Block 12 Tri P2P
2527I Blooming Block 12 Tri 2 P2P
2527J Blooming Triangle
2527K Blooming Wreath 12
2527L Blooming Wreath Block 12
2527M Blooming Block 15
2527N Blooming Border 4
2527O Blooming Border 4 Cnr
2527P Blooming E2E
2528 Dbl Cathedral Block 6
2528A Dbl Cathedral Block 6 Tri
2528B Dbl Cathedral Block 12
2528C Dbl Cathedral Blk 12 Hlf
2528D Dbl Cathedral Blk 12 Tri
2528E Dbl Cathedral Block 18
2528F Dbl Cathedral Block 18 Tri
2528G Dbl Cathedral Blk 18 Half
2529 Think Spring E2E
2530 Counting Sheep E2E
2531 Center Wreath Medallion 16
2532 Elegant Feather Zig Zag 1
2532A Elegant Feather Zig Zag 2
2532B Elegant Feather Wide Bdr Block 12-18
2532C Elegant Feather Tri P2P
2532D Elegant Feather Tri
2532E Elegant Feather Block 14
2532F Elegant Feather Wide Bdr Blk 12-18 Cnr
2533 Marians Floral Circle Pillow WQ
2534 Wandering Peacock Feathers Bdr 5
2534A Wandering Peacock Feathers Bdr 5 Cnr
2534B Wandering Peacock Feathers Blk 15
2534C Wandering Peacock Feathers Blk 15 Tri
2534D Wandering Peacock Feathers Hexagon
2534E Wandering Peacock Feathers Blk 9
2534F Wandering Peacock Feathers Blk 6
2535 Coffee E2E
2535A Coffee Border 6
2535B Coffee Border 6 Cnr
2535C Coffee Block 16
2535D Coffee Block 8
2535E Coffee Block 8 Half
2535F Coffee Block 8 Qtr
2535G Coffee Cup Block 6
2536 Wood Grain E2E
2537 Heirloom Feather Large Hexagon
2537A Heirloom Feather 60 Tri
2538 Barbs Feather Block
2538A Barbs Feather Block Half 1
2539 Hexagon Section Leaf P2P
256 Feathers with Curliques Border Set
2560 Ivy Leaf Square P2P
2560A Ivy Leaf Block 10
2560B Ivy Leaf Border 5
2560C Ivy Leaf Border 5 Cnr
2560D Ivy Leaf Border2 5
2560E Ivy Leaf Bdr2 5 Cnr
2560F Ivy Leaf Tri P2P
2560G Ivy Leaf Block 12
2560H Ivy Leaf Tri 2 P2P
2560I Ivy Leaf Block 8
2561 Totally Mod Texture E2E
2562 Log Cabin P2P
2563 Dancing Waves E2E
2563A Dancing Waves 2 E2E
2564 Paisley & Feathers Bdr 4
2564A Paisley & Feathers Bdr 4 Cnr
2564B Paisley & Feathers Blk 12
2564C Paisley & Feathers Blk 16
2565 Debbies DWR Rose P2P
2565A Debbies DWR Rose Melon P2P
2566 Drunkards Path Var2 SB Tri
2567 Tri Leaf Border 6
2567A Tri Leaf Border 6 Cnr
2567B Tri Leaf Block 14
2567C Tri Leaf Block 14 Half
2567D Tri Leaf Block 14 Tri
2567E Tri Leaf Block 7
2567F Tri Leaf Block 7 P2P
2567G Tri Leaf Block 7 Tri
2568 Pansy E2E
2568A Pansy Block 10
2568B Pansy Border 9
2568C Pansy Border 9 Cnr
2568D Pansy Block Pillow 20
2568E Circle Grid
2568F Pansy Tri Large
2568G Pansy Tri Large P2P
2568H Pansy Block 20
2568I Pansy Block 20 Tri
2570 Music Notes E2E
2571 Cathy's Pinwheel Background
2571A Joan's Star Background
2571B Joan's Star Block
2571C Joan's Star Block Center
2572 Shamrock E2E
2573 Log Cabin Block 4 P2P
2574 Christys Zig Zag 1
2574A Christys Zig Zag 2
2575 Cup O Java E2E
2576 Tri Leaf Tri 1 P2P
2576A Tri Leaf Block Section P2P
2576B Tri Leaf Tri 2 P2P
2576C Tri Leaf Tri 3 P2P
2576D Tri Leaf Block 8
2576E Tri Leaf Block 8 Tri P2P
2576F Tri Leaf Block 10
2576G Tri Leaf Block 10 Tri P2P
2576H Tri Leaf Tri 4 P2P
2576I Tri Leaf Block 14
2576J Tri Leaf Block 14 Tri P2P
2577 CD Friendship Star Block 12
2577A Curling Arc Sash 2
2577B Curling Arc Sash 2 Cnr
2577C CD Spikey Sash P2P
2578 Feathered Curlique Wreath Block 10
2578A Feathered Curlique Wrth Blk 10 Hlf
2578B Feathered Curlique Wreath Blk 10 Tri
2579 Barbie E2E
258 Halloween Pattern Set
2580 Curling Feather Square P2P
2581 Think Spring Border 8
2581A Think Spring Bdr 8 Cnr
2581B Think Spring Block 16
2581C Think Spring Block 6A
2581D Think Spring Block 6B
2582 Feathered Sunrise Block 13
2582A Feathered Sunrise Wreath Block 18
2582B Feathered Sunrise Block 18
2582C Feathered Sunrise Wreath Blk 18-2
2582C Feathered Sunrise Wreath Blk 18-2
2582Z Wild Sunflowers E2E
2583 Royal Curls Tri P2P
2583A Royal Curls Block 8
2583B Royal Curls Block 8 Tri
2583C Royal Curls Block 8 Half
2584 Fern Meander Tri P2P
2584A Fern Meander Block 8
2584B Fern Meander Tri Half P2P
2585 Feather N Fern Tri P2P
2586 May Star 6
2586A May Star 6 2
2587 Sea Shell E2E
2588 Curved X Hatch Feather Tri
2589 Retro Modular E2E
2589A Retro Modular2 E2E
2589B Retro Modular3 E2E
259 Marian's Floral Complete Set
2590 Log Cabin Block 10 P2P
2590A Log Cabin Block 10 2
2591 Graceful Feathers Bdr Block 8
2592 Chain of Curls Border 4
2592A Chain of Curls Bdr 4 Cnr
2592B Chain of Curls Sash 3
2592C Chain of Curls Sash 3 Cnr
2592D Chain of Curls Block 6
2593 Lace Swag Border 6
2593A Lace Swag Bdr 6 Cnr
2594 Shining Star Block 14
2594A Shining Star Block 14 2
2594B Shining Star Block 14 3
2594C Shining Star Fill P2P
2594D Circle Rays 1
2594E Shining Star Center 2
2594F Circle Rays 2
2594G Shining Star Center 1
2595 Acanthus Block 20 Half
2596 Cherry Blossom E2E
2597 Lace Swag Edge
2597A Lace Swag Edge Cnr
2598 Irish Chain Wreath
2599 Carlas Tri Feather P2P
260 Marian's Floral Block Set
2600 Maze E2E
2601 Anchors Away E2E
2602 OSU E2E
2603 Curved X Hatch Feather Block
2603A Curved X Hatch Feather Blk Tri
2603B Curved X Hatch Feather Blk Tri2
2603C Curved X Hatch Feather Block2
2604 Random Fans E2E
2605 Jungle Texture E2E
2606 Random Geo Square E2E
2607 Circle Texture E2E
2608 Curling Vine E2E
2609 Gecko E2E
2610 Emergence E2E
2611 Think Spring Lg Triangle
2611A Think Spring Lg Tri P2P
2611B Think Spring Block 16
2611C Think Spring Block 16 Tri
2611D Think Spring Block 16 Tri P2P
2611E Think Spring Med Triangle
2611F Think Spring Med Tri P2P
2611G Think Spring Med Tri2 P2P
2611H Think Spring Block 10
2611I Think Spring Block 10 Tri
2611J Think Spring DWR Block
2611K Think Spring DWR Melon
2611L Think Spring DWR Cornerstone
2611M Think Spring DWR Cornerstone 2
2611N Think Spring DWR Cornerstone 3
2612 Variable Star Blk 16 Half
2612A Variable Star Blk 16 Qtr
2613 Acanthus Pillow
2613A Acanthus Border 6
2613B Acanthus Border 6 6A Corner
2613C Acanthus Border 6A
2613D Acanthus Block 12
2613E Acanthus Block 12 Half
2613F Acanthus Block 12 Triangle
2614 Dogwood Dresden Block 20
2614A Dogwood Dresden Block Corner
2614B Dogwood Dresden Block Edge
2614C Dogwood Dresden Block Center
2614D Dogwood Dresden Block 18
2614E Dogwood Dresden Block 18 Half
2614F Dogwood Dresden Block 18 Qtr
2615 TKQ Acanthus 2 E2E
2616 Diamond 10 2 P2P
2617 Scrollwork Triangle
2617A Scrollwork Triangle P2P
2617B Scrollwork Block 16
2618 Strawberry Vine E2E
2618A Strawberry Vine Border 8
2618B Strawberry Vine Border 8 Cnr
2618C Strawberry Vine Block 20
2619 Flying C E2E
2620 Bali Point
2620A Bali Melon 2
2620B Bali Arcs 1
2621 Fringe Border 6
2621A Fringe Border 6 Cnr
2621B Fringe Block 12
2621C Fringe Block 12 Tri
2621D Fringe Tri P2P
2622 Swirling Block 8
2622A Swirling Block 8 2
2633 Think Spring Border 12
2633a Think Spring Border 12 Cnr
2633B Think Spring Border 5
2633C Think Spring Border 5 Cnr
2633D Think Spring Block 12
2633E Think Spring Border 3
2633F Think Spring Border 3 Cnr
2633G Think Spring Block 14
2634 Floral Block Triangle 2
2635 Dees Feather
2635A Dees Feather 2
2635B Dees Feather Half
2635C Dees Feather 2 Tri
2636a Hexagon Star Center Half
2637 Fall Leaves E2E
2638 Lace Border 3
2638A Lace Border 3 Cnr
2638B Lace Border 4
2638C Lace Border 4 Corner
2638D Lace Block 8
2638E Lace Block 8 Half
2638F Lace Block 8 Tri
2639 Think Spring Scallop Border 6
2639A Think Spring Scallop Bdr 6 Cnr
2639B Think Spring Scallop Border 4
2639C Think Spring Scallop Bdr 4 Cnr
2640 Ripple E2E
2641 Simple Fern E2E
2642 Blooming Wall Quilt
2642A Blooming Pillow
2643 Brendas MonkeyWrench
2644 Feathered MonkeyWrench
2646 Wheat Border 4
2646A Wheat Border 4 Cnr
2646B Wheat Block 14
2646C Wheat Wreath Block 6
2646D Wheat Tri P2P
2646E Wheat Block 10
2646F Wheat Block 10 Tri
2646G Wheat Block 10 Tri P2P
2646H Wheat Block 16
2646I Wheat Block 16 Tri
2647 Halloween Eve E2E
2648 Flowing Treble Clef Block 8
2649 Holiday Lights 2 E2E
265 TKQ Pretty Posies Set
2650 Floating Ohio Star Block
2650A Floating Ohio Star Block2
2650B Floating Ohio Star Blk2 Hlf
2650C Floating Ohio Star Blk2 Qtr
2650D Floating Ohio Star Blk2 Tri
2651 Serenade Block 12
2651A Serenade Block 5
2651B Serenade Block 8
2651C Serenade Block 8 Half
2651D Serenade Block 8 Tri
2651E Serenade Circle 16
2651F Serenade Circle 2 16
2651G Serenade Block 2 16
2651H Serenade Triangle
2651I Serenade Triangle P2P
2651J Serenade Tri Small
2651K Serenade Tri Small P2P
2651L Serenade Pillow 20
2652 Triple Irish Chain Feather
2652A Triple Irish Chain Fthr Edge
2653 Bull Rider E2E
2654 Rose Swag
2654A Rose Swag Corner
2655 Fanciful Feather Border 8
2655A Fanciful Feather Bdr 8 Cnr
2655B Fanciful Feather Block 21
2655C Fanciful Feather Block2 21
2655D Fanciful Feather Block 8
2655E Fanciful Feather Tri P2P
2655F Fanciful Feather Tri2 P2P
2655G Fanciful Feather Block 20
2655H Fanciful Feather Square 5 P2P
2655I Fanciful Feather Square 8 P2P
2655J Fanciful Feather Border 5
2655K Fanciful Feather Border 5 Corner
2655L Fanciful Feather Block 10
2655M Fanciful Feather Rectangle
2656 More Fanciful Feather Border 9
2656A More Fanciful Fthr Bdr 9 Cnr
2657 Holly E2E
2657A Holly Tri P2P
2657B Holly Block 14
2657C Holly Block 14 Tri P2P
2657D Holly Block 14 Tri
2657E Holly Potholder
2657F Holly Swag Bdr 8
2657G Holly Swag Bdr 8 Cnr
2658 Western E2E
2659 Bronc Rider E2E
2660 Little Diamond 1B P2P
2660A Little Diamond 1B Block
2661 Totally Mod Maze E2E
2661A Totally Mod Maze2 E2E
2661B Totally Mod Maze3 E2E
2661C Totally Mod Maze Block 12
2661D Totally Mod Maze2 Block 12
2661E Totally Mod Maze3 Block 12
2661F Totally Mod Maze Tri
2661G Totally Mod Maze2 Tri
2661H Totally Mod Maze3 Tri
2662 Chicken Trax E2E
2662A Chicken Trax TRI
2662B Chicken Trax Block 8
2662C Chicken Trax Border 5
2662D Chicken Trax Bdr 5 Cnr
2663 Graceful Flowers Sash 4
2663A Graceful Flowers Sash 4 Cnr
2663B Graceful Flowers Tri P2P
2663C Graceful Flowers Block 10
2663D Graceful Flowers Block 7
2663E Graceful Flowers Blk 7 Tri
2663F Graceful Flowers Border 10
2663G Graceful Flowers Border 10 Cnr
2663H Graceful Flowers Blk 7 Tri P2P
2664 Curling Feathers Outer Bdr 8
2664A Curling Feathers Outer Bdr 8 Cnr
2664B Curling Feathers Block 18
2664C Curling Feathers Inner Bdr 7
2664D Curling Feathers Inner Bdr 7 Cnr
2664E Curling Feathers Block 14
2664F Curling Feathers Block 18 Tri
2665 Jazzed Up Fthr Sash
2666 Curling Leaves Outer Bdr 8
2666A Curling Leaves Outer Bdr 8 Cnr
2666D Curling Leaves Block 16
2666E Curling Leaves Block 16 Half
2666F Curling Leaves Large Tri P2P
2666G Curling Leaves Large Tri
2666H Curling Leaves Tri P2P
2666I Curling Leaves Tri
2666J Curling Leaves Inner Bdr 8
2667 Valentine Wreath 12
2667A Valentine Wreath 12 Half
2667B Valentine Wreath 14
2667C Valentine Wreath 14 Half
2667D Valentine Border 5
2667E Valentine Border 5 Cnr
2667F Valentine Block 10
2667G Valentine Sash 4
2667H Valentine Star
2667I Valentine E2E
2668 Totally Mod Geo E2E
2669 Basketball E2E
2670 Ribbed Sash
2670A Ribbed Sash Corner
2670B Ribbed Block 18
2671 Woven Border 4
2671A Woven Border 4 Corner
2672 Olive Leaf E2E
2673 8 Point Snowflake Star 16
2673A 8 Pt Snowflake Star 16 Half
2673B 8 Pt Snowflake Star Diamond
2673C 8 Pt Snowflake Star Diamond 2
2673D Snowflake Star Tri 2
2673E Snowflake Star Border 4
2673F Snowflake Star Border 4 Cnr
2673G Snowflake Star Block 8
2673H Snowflake Star Block 8 Half
2674 Curli Star Block 8
2674A Curli Star Block 16
2674B Curli Star Diamond
2675 8 Point Star
2676 Modern Rings Center Block
2676A Modern Rings Melon Block
2676B Modern Rings Center Block 2
2676C Modern Rings Block
2676D Modern Rings Block 2
2676E Modern Rings P2P
2677 Mod Pearls Circle 8
2678 Rebecca's Charm Center
2678A Rebecca's Charm Section 1
2678B Rebecca's Charm Section 2
2678C Rebecca's Charm Block 2
2678D Spiral Flower
2678E Mod Leaf P2P
2678F Mod Leaf Block 14
2679 Pumpkin Block
2679A Maple Leaf Block
2679B Log Cabin Block P2P
2679C Chain Block
2680 Acorn Triangle Block
2680A Acorn Block 12
2681 Donnas Frame 14-19
2682 6 Point Star
2683 Oak Leaf Camo Block 14
2683A Oak Leaf Camo Tri P2P
2683B Oak Leaf Camo Tri3 P2P
2683C Oak Leaf Camo Tri2 P2P
2684 More Stars N Stripes E2E
2685 Curling Feather Border 3
2685A Curling Feather Bdr 3 Cnr
2685B Curling Fthr Square 6 P2P
2685C Curling Feather E2E
2686 Curling Leaves Border 3
2686A Curling Leaves Bdr 3 Cnr
2687 Lorettas Mod Wreath
2687A Lorettas Mod Wreath 2
2688 UK E2E
2689 Jumping Monkeys E2E
2691 Autumn Harvest Tri Bdr P2P
2691A Autumn Harvest Tri Bdr Cnr P2P
2692 Organ Donor Ribbon
2693 Mod Melon
2694 Feather Center Motif
2695 Churn Dash Block
2696 Feather Pearl Border 5
2696A Feather Pearl Bdr 5 Cnr
2696B Feather Pearl Block 10
2696C Feather Pearl Wreath 14
2696D Feather Pearl Wreath 16
2696E Feather Pearl Wreath 15
2696F Feather Pearl Wreath Pillow
2696G FP Flower Block
2696H FP Flower Tri P2P
2696I FP Flower Block 8
2696J FP Flower Tri 2 P2P
2697 Laced Up E2E
2697A Laced Up 2 E2E
2697B Laced Up Square P2P
2697C Laced Up Square2 P2P
2698 Tread E2E
2698A Tread 2 E2E
2699 Modern Pinwheel
270 Rosebud Pattern Set
2700 Modern Tri Border
2700A Modern Tri Bdr Cnr
2700B Modern Tri Block 10
2700C Modern Tri P2P
2701 Grape Basket Block
2702 Sunflower Frame
2702A Sunflower Center
2702B Sunflower Block 10
2703 Pearl Trapezoid P2P
2703A Pearl Frame
2704 Baseball E2E
2705 Victorian Frame 15x20
2705A Victorian Frame Bkgrd Trim
2705B Victorian Frame2 15x20
2705C Victorian Frame Block 16
2705D Victorian Pearls Block 16
2705E Victorian Feather Motif
2705F Victorian Feather Border 6
2705G Victorian Feather Bdr 6 Cnr
2705H Victorian Feather Block 16
2705I Victorian Feather Block 6
2706 Giraffe E2E
2707 Feathered Chevron P2P
2707A Alternate Chevron P2P
2707B Feathered Chevron Tri P2P
2707C Alternate Chevron Tri P2P
2707D Alternate Chevron Half Tri
2708 Totally Mod Fans E2E
2709 Curlique Sash Cornerstone
2709A Curlique Sash Tri
2710 Mod Ferns E2E
2711 Mod Meander E2E
2712 Mod Sash 4 16 P2P
2713 Mod Pearls Block 12
2714 Button Sash 3
2714A Button Square P2P
2715 Mod 9 Patch
2715A Mod Square P2P
2715B Mod Block 8
2715C Mod Block 8 Tri
2716 Softball Star E2E
2718 Pearls Curls N Feather Bdr
2718A Pearls Curls N Feather Bdr 6 Cnr
2718B Pearls Curls N Feather Block 12
2718C Pearls Curls N Feather Blk 12 TRI
2718D Pearls Curls N Feather Bdr 12
2718E Pearls Curls N Fthr Square P2P
2718F Pearls Curls N Fthr Tri P2P
2718G Pearls Curls N Fthr Blk 10
2718H Pearls Curls N Fthr Tri2 P2P
2718I Pearls Curls N Fthr Tri3 P2P
2718J Pearls Curls N Fthr Blk 16
2718K Pearls Curls N Fthr Blk 21
2718L Pearls Curls N Fthr Blk 18
2719 Curved Cross Hatch Block 12
2719A Curved Cross Hatch Blk 12 Tri
2719B Curved Cross Hatch Block 2 12
2719C Curved Cross Hatch Blk 12 Tri P2P
2720 More Mod E2E
2720A More Mod Block 14
2720B More Mod Block 20
2720C More Mod Blk 14 Tri
2720D More Mod Tri P2P
2720E More Mod Block 16
2721 Glorious Vine E2E
2721A Glorious Vine 2 E2E
2721B Glorious Vine Border 6
2721C Glorious Vine Bdr 6 Cnr
2721D Glorious Vine Block 16
2721E Glorious Vine Block 20
2721F Glorious Vine Tri P2P
2721G Glorious Vine Tri P2P
2721H Glorious Vine Lg Tri P2P
2721I Glorious Vine Block 15
2721J Glorious Vine Wreath 14
2721K Glorious Vine Block 8
2721L Glorious Vine Circle 8
2721M Glorious Vine Circle 2 8
2721N Glorious Vine Block 12
2721O Glorious Vine Frame 12
2722 Sports Placemats
2723 Ornamental Keys Wide Border
2723A Ornamental Keys Wide Bdr Cnr
2724 Susies Spring Wheels Block
2725 Serpentine Bdr Edge
2725A Serpentine Bdr Edge Cnr
2726 Glorious Vine Bdr 12
2726A Glorious Vine Bdr Cnr 12
2726B Glorious Vine Bdr 3
2726C Glorious Vine Bdr Cnr 3
2726D Glorious Vine Block 6
2726E Glorious Vine Border 2
2726F Glorious Vine Circle Blk 16
2726G Glorious Vine Square 6 P2P
2727 Debras Heirloom Wreath
2727A Debras Heirloom Wreath Half
2727B Debras Heirloom Wreath Qtr
2728 Spinning Fern Block 8
2728A Spinning Feathers Block 8
2729 Woven 2 E2E
2730 Woven Jungle E2E
2730A Woven Jungle 2 E2E
2731 Jungle Flower E2E
2732 Feathered Fan E2E
2733 Single Lattice Bdr
2733A Double Lattice Bdr
2734 Broken Star P2P
2735 Karens Little Star 8
2736 Holly N Stars E2E
2737 LT Heart Block 8
2737A LT Blessed Border 4
2737B LT Bubbles 1
2737C LT Bubbles 2
2737D LT Bubbles 3
2737E LT Bubbles 4
2738 Barbs Flower 12 Block
2739 P2P SNS Wineglass
2739A SNS Wineglass Block
2739B SNS Wineglass Block 2
2740 Heathers More Mod Star Block 20
2740A Heathers More Mod Star Block A
2740B Heathers More Mod Star Block B
2740C Heathers More Mod Star Block C
2740D Heathers More Mod Star Block 12
2741 Mod Maze 1 E2E
2741A Mod Maze 2 E2E
2741B Mod Maze 3 E2E
2741C Mod Maze 4 E2E
2742 Elegant Leaves E2E
2742A Elegant Leaves 2 E2E
2742B Elegant Leaves Tri P2P
2742C Elegant Leaves Block 14
2742D Elegant Leaves Lg Tri P2P
2742E Elegant Leaves Border 6
2742F Elegant Leaves Bdr 6 Cnr
2743 Ohio Star Block 8
2744 Chicken Trax Border 2
2744A Chicken Trax Bdr 2 Cnr
2745 Curly Melon Wide
2745A Curly Circle 14
2746 Vine Border 5
2746A Vine Border 5 Cnr
2747 Simple Vine Border 5
2747A Simple Vine Bdr 5 Cnr
2747B Simple Vine Block 12
2748 SV Triple Irish Chain Blk 1
2748A SV Triple Irish Chain Blk 2
2748B SV Triple Irish Chain Blk 3
2749 Heidis P2P PGram
275 Running Horses Set
2750 Kathys Feather Block 12
2750A Kathys Feather Blk 12 Half
2750B Kathys Feather Blk 12 TRI
2750C Kathys Feather TRI P2P
2751 Windy Border 6
2751A Windy Bdr 6 Cnr
2751B Windy Block 15
2752 Geo Border 2
2752A Geo Border 2 Cnr
2753 Sparkle Border 4
2753A Sparkle Border 4 Cnr
2754 Snow Flurries Border 3
2754A Snow Flurries Border 3 Cnr
2755 Snow Flurries Mini Quilt
2756 Vintage Ornaments E2E
2757 Dogs Allover E2E
2758 Pearl Swag Bdr 6
2758A Pearl Swag Bdr 6 Cnr
2758B Pearl Swag Frame
2759 Flames E2E
276 TKQ Feather Border 1 Set
2760 Feathered Sunrise Wrth Blk 18-2 TRI
2761 Joy Christmas Stocking
2761A Joy Christmas Stocking Back
2762 Pointsettia Block 12
2762A Pointsettia Table Runner 18-72
2762B Pointsettia
2762C Pointsettia Wall Runner 18-49
2762D Pointsettia Table Runner 18-48
2762E Pointsettia Placemat
2763 Holly Border 6
2763A Holly Border 6 Cnr
2763B Holly Block 16
2763C Holly Square P2P
2763D Holly Berries Square P2P
2764 4x4 Framed Cross Hatch Tri
2765 Simple Scroll Border 3
2765A Simple Scroll Bdr 3 Cnr
2766 Kings Scroll Block 12
2766A Kings Scroll Block 12 Tri
2766B Kings Scroll Block 12 Half
2767 Julies Offset Log Cabin Block
2768 Casual Curl Border 2
2768A Casual Curl Bdr 2 Cnr
2768B Casual Curl Sash 2x11
2768C Casual Curl Sash 2x23
2768D Casual Curl Sash 2x17
2768E Casual Curl Sash 2x26 P2P
2768F Casual Curl Sash 2x20 P2P
2768G Casual Curl Sash 2x14 P2P
2769 Enchanted Feather Lg Tri P2P
2769A Enchanted Feather Med Tri P2P
2769B Enchanted Feather Square 16
2769C Enchanted Feather Sq16 Tri P2P
2769D Enchanted Feather Sq16 Tri2 P2P
2769E Enchanted Feather Block 20
2770 Fern Tri Large P2P
2770A Fern Tri Med P2P
2771 Jackies Dresden Frame
2772 Jackies Bars Frame
2772A Jackies Hatch Frame
2773 Dans Maple Star Block
2773A Dans Maple Star Block Half
2774 Pansy Tri Med P2P
2775 Urban E2E
2776 Fluer E2E
2777 Forget Me Not E2E
2778 SV Double Irish Chain Blk 1
2778A SV Double Irish Chain Blk 2
2778B SV Double Irish Chain Blk 3
2779 Pansy
2780 Diamond Border 3
2780A Diamond Border 3 Corner
2781 Marians Floral Sash 2 16 P2P
2781A Marians Floral Sash 2 24 P2P
2781B Marians Floral Sash 2 10 P2P
2782 Fluer Circle Frame
2782A Fluer Frame Cnr P2P
2783 Apply Fthr Stitch 1
2783A Apply Fthr Stitch 2
2784 Apply Leaf Stitch 1
2784A Apply Leaf Stitch 2
2785 Apply Teardrop Stitch 1
2785A Apply Teardrop Stitch 2
2786 Apply Pearl Stitch 1
2786A Apply Pearl Stitch 2
2787 Dutch Teardrop Block 14
2787A Dutch Teardrop Block 14 Tri
2788 Leaf Stitch Star Wreath 16
2788A Leaf Stitch Star Wreath 16 Half
2789 Geo Tiles E2E
2790 Oriental Vine E2E
2791 4x4 Cross Hatch Block
2791A 8x8 Cross Hatch Block
2791B 10x10 Cross Hatch Block
2791C 8x6 Cross Hatch Block
2791D 8x10 Cross Hatch Block
2791E 10x12 Cross Hatch Block
2791F 12x8 Cross Hatch Block
2792 Baby Giraffe Block
2792A Baby Giraffe Block & Frame
2793 Puzzling E2E
2794 Leaf Square P2P
2795 Heirloom Leaf Sash 4x10 P2P
2795A Heirloom Leaf Sash 4x12 P2P
2795B Heirloom Leaf Sash 4x15 P2P
2795C Heirloom Leaf Sash 4x17 P2P
2796 Fanciful Border 3
2796A Fanciful Border 3 Cnr
2796B Fanciful Block 14
2796C Fanciful Block 8
2796D Fanciful Block 8 Tri
2796E Fanciful Block 8 Tri 2
2796F Fanciful Block 15
2797 Pearl Sash 1x16 P2P
2797A Pearl Sash 1x19 P2P
2797B Pearl Sash 1x21 P2P
2797C Pearl Sash 1x13 P2P
2797D Pearl Sash 1x10 P2P
2797E Pearl Sash 1x7 P2P
2797F Pearl Sash 1x5 P2P
2797G Pearl Sash 1x3 P2P
2798 Chain Sash P2P
2799 Fanciful E2E
280 Sash Solutions 1
2800 Stone Wall Texture E2E
2801 Mod Curve Texture E2E
281 TKQ Triangle Solutions Set
2814 Berry Vine e2E
2821 Zebra Stripe E2E
2833 Lg Western Texture e2E
2849 Mod Ripple E2E
286 Summer Flowers-Leaves Set
2876 Breezy 2 E2E
289 Leaf Sash Set
290 Buck Fever Set
291 Curlique Vine Border Set
294 Daisy Border 2 & Corner Set
295 Daisy Border & Corner Set
296 Daisy Block Set
298 Complete Daisy Set
299 Rocket Flower Wreath Wall Quilt Set
2x2 Cross Hatch Block
303 TKQ Stars N Stripes Set
304 Marian's Floral Strip Quilt Lap Size Set
308 Double Concentric Circle Set
309 Feather Curliques
309A Feather Curliques Plus P2P
310 TKQ Collection 3
311 TKQ Collection 4
325 TKQ Heirloom Feathers Set
326 TKQ Heirloom Feathered Wreath Set
329 TKQ Set #329
330 TKQ Double Wedding Ring Feather Set
331 Feathers with Curliques Set
332 TKQ Feathered Curlique Border Set
333 Fancy Floral Block Set
334 Rose Swag Border 1 Set
335 TKQ Blossoms & Lace Medallion Set
336 TKQ Lace Swag Border Set
337 Heirloom Feather Border Set
338 Quick Swag Border Set
339 Donnas Block Set
341 Autumn Harvest/Summer Flowers E2E Set
342 Fancy Floral Set 2
344 TKQ Floral Set
345 TKQ Collection 5
346 Feathered Medallion Set
347 Curlique Sash Set
348 Curlique Set
349 Curlique Vine Set
350 CurlyFeather Set
351 Feathered 9-Patch Set
352 Christmas Holly Set
353 Double Wedding Ring Snowflake Set
354 Snowflake Set
355 Flower Power Set
356 DWR Fancy Floral Set
357 Feathered Swag Set
358 P2P Chain Sash Set
359 Wavy X-Hatch Set
360 Drunkards Path Set
361 Marian's Floral Strip Quilt K-Q Set
362 Very Large Feathered Wreath w/fill Set
363 Very Large Feathered Wreath Set
364 Maple Leaf Set
365 TKQ Elegant Feathers Set
366 TKQ Collection 6
367 Leaf Set
368 Concentric Circle Block Set
369 Melissa's Feathered Heart Set
370 Kaitlin's Elegant Floral Set
371 Triangle Solutions 2 Set
372 Feathered Diamond P2P Set
373 TKQ Collection 7
374 Bamboo Pattern Set *Free pattern included*
375 Dresden Designs Set *Free pattern included*
376 Concentric Circle Half Block Set
377 Pearl Sash Set
378 Race Car Set
379 Southwest Set
380 Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 Set
381 Bear Paw Set
382 TKQ Collection 8
383 Floral Fan 6 Set
384 Heirloom Feathered Wreath with Grid Set
385 Simple Feather Set
386 Jazzed Up Feather Set
387 Simple and Jazzed Feather Set
388 CS Sampler Pattern/Instruction Book Set
389 Sylvias Feathered Heart Set
390 Mini Wall Quilt Set
391 Pillows/Runners & Placemat Set
392 Fun Mini Quilt/Pillow Set
393 Log Cabin Block Set
394 Feathered Pearl Wreath Complete Set
395 Floral Fan 5 Set
396 Floral Fan Set 5,6 and 7
397 Feather 2 Curlique Set
398 Drunkards Path Variation Quilt Set
399 Hexagon Star Set
3x3 cross hatch block
400 Feather Border Set
401 Spiral Block Set
402 Autumn Harvest Pattern Set
403 Woven Block Set
404 Autumn Harvest Runner/Placemat Set
405 Simple Leaf Set
406 TKQ Collection 9
407 Feathered Square Set
408 Drunkards Path Variation 2 Set
409 Marian's Floral Set 2
410 Little 8 Stars
411 Christmas Holly Set
412 Pine Needle & Berries Set
413 Fast N Easy Border Set
414 Spring Chick Set
415 Complete Cross Hatch Set
416 TKQ Collection 10
417 Tulip Pattern Set
418 Simple Dahlia Set
419 Winners Bouquet Set
42" Feathered Wreath Wall Quilt Pattern
420 P2P Sash Set
421 Simple Bead Set
422 Marian's Floral Lonestar Set
423 Sunburst Ferns Lonestar Set
424 Grapevine Set
425 Squares Set
428 Dahlia Petal Set P2P
429 Dahlia Petal Set
430 Dahlia Petal Complete Set
431 TKQ Heirloom Traditions Collection
432 Simple Curling Pattern Set
433 Ginkgo Pattern Set
434 Pineapple Quilt Feather Set
435 TKQ Collection 12
436 Irish Chain Block Set
437 Iris Irish Chain Set
438 Little 6 Star Set
439 Amazon Star Pattern Set
440 Drunkards Path Variation 3 Set
441 TKQ Collection 13
442 Little Diamond P2P Set
443 Graceful Vine Pattern Set
444 Samanthas Dresden Set
445 TKQ Vintage Moments Floral Set
446 Dogwood Pattern Set
447 TKQ Star Block Set
448 More Feathered Curliques Set
449 TKQ Collection14
450 Rooster Tail Set
451 TKQ Collection 15
452 New York Sun Pattern Set
453 Dans Daisies Set
454 Little Blocks Set
455 Little Sash Set
456 Summer Cabin Pine Set
457 Oak Leaf Set
458 Arabian Set
459 Fancy Feather Set
460 Graceful Vine Sash Set
461 Wedding Star Block Set
462 Something Simple Set
463 Pansy Set
464 TKQ Collection 16
465 Elegant Feather Set 2
466 TKQ Acanthus Set
467 Jazzed Up Feather Sash Set
468 Holly Sash Set
469 Ivy Sash P2P Set
470 Vine Sash Set
471 TKQ Collection 17
472 TKQ Collection 18
473 Rebeccas Charm Set
474 Scroll Pattern Set
475 Butterfly Pattern Set
476 Horseshoe Pattern Set
477 Blooming Feathers Set
478 More Marians Floral
479 Curling Ferns Set
480 DWR Feather 2 Set
481 Leaf Vine Sash P2P Set
482 Simple Harmony Set
483 Simply Elegant Feather Set
484 Apple Set
485 Wild N Crazy Daizies
486 Little 8 Snowflake
487 Floral Elegance Pattern Set
488 Rosemarys Feather Set
489 Snow Flurries Set
490 Blooming Pattern Set
491 Wandering Peacock Feathers Set
492 Coffee Set
493 Ivy Leaf Set
494 Tri Leaf Set
495 Pansy II Set
496 TKQ E2E Set 1
497 TKQ Feather Medallion Whole Cloth Set
498 Tri Leaf Set
499 Feathered Curlique Wreath Block 10 Set
4x4 Cross Hatch Block
500 Think Spring Set 1
501 Feathered Sunrise Block 13
502 Think Spring Set 2
503 Acanthus Pattern Set
504 Dogwood Dresden Set
505 Fringe Pattern Set
506 Think Spring 2
507 Lace Pattern Set
508 Think Spring Border Set
509 Wheat Pattern Set
510 Floating Ohio Star Block Set
511 Serenade Pattern Set
512 Fanciful Feather Set
513 Holly 2 Pattern Set
514 Totally Mod Maze Set
515 Chicken Trax Set
516 Graceful Flowers Set
517 Curling Feather Set
518 Curling Leaves Set
519 Valentine Set
520 Snowflake Star Set
521 Modern Rings Set
522 Oak Leaf Camo Set
523 Feather Pearl Set
524 Victorian Set
525 Feathered Chevron Set
526 Pearls Curls & Feather Set
527 Curved Cross Hatch Set
528 More Mod Set
529 Glorious Vine Set
530 Glorious Vine 2 Set
531 Mod Maze E2E Set
532 Elegnt Leaves Set
533 Triple Irish Chain Vine Set
534 Kathy's Feather Set
535 Pointsettia Set
536 Elegant Traditions Collection
537 JN Vintage Compass Set
538 TKQ E2E Texture Set 1
539 TKQ E2E Mod Set 2
540 TKQ E2E Leaves Set 3
5x5 cross hatch block
6x6 Cross Hatch Block
7x7 Cross Hatch Block
8x8 Cross Hatch Block
9x9 Cross Hatch Block
Apple Harvest E2E
At the Lake E2E
Autumn Harvest E2E
Autumn Harvest Leaves Block
Autumn Harvest Leaves Border and E2E
Autumn Harvest Leaves Corner
Autumn Harvest Leaves Triangle
Autumn Harvest Pumkin Wall Quilt
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Block
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Border Corner
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Border or E2E
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Placemat
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Runner & Placemat
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Table Runner
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Wall Runner
Autumn Harvest Sash
Autumn Harvest Sash Corner
Autumn Harvest Wall Quilt Border 1
Autumn Harvest Wall Quilt Border 2
Autumn Harvest Wall Quilt Center
Aztec E2E
Bamboo Leaves Block
Bamboo Sash
Bamboo Sash Corner
Bamboo Sprig
Bamboo Sprig Block 2
Bamboo Sprig Border
Bamboo Sprig Border Corner
Bamboo Sprig Triangle
Bamboo Wall Quilt
Bamboo Wall Quilt 2
Bamboo Wreath Block
Basket of Hearts
Basket with Flower
Beaded Block
Beaded Embroidery Frame
Beaded Half Block
Beaded Swag Border
Beaded Swag Border Corner
Beaded Triangle Block
Bear Paw Block
Bear Paw Block 2
Bear Paw Block 3
Bear Paw Block 4
Bear Paw Border
Bear Paw Border Corner
Birds N Berries E2E
Birds N Blossoms E2E
Blossoming Basket
Blossoming Basket Block 2
Blowin in the Wind E2E
Buck Fever Antler
Buck Fever Border
Buck Fever Border Corner
Buck Fever E2E
Buck Fever Trophy
Busy Bee Block
Busy Bees E2E 1
Busy Bees E2E 2
Butterfly Garden E2E
Cable Sash
Camo E2E
Cheap Sunglasses E2E
Checkered Flag Large Block/Pillow
Checkered Flags
Checkered Sash 1
Checkered Sash 2
Christmas Bells Block
Christmas Ribbon
Christmas Ribbons Border
Christmas Ribbons Border Corner
Churn Dash 1
Churn Dash 2
Class Payments
Concentric Circles Block 1
Concentric Circles Block 2
Concentric Circles Block 3
Concentric Circles Block 4
Concentric Circles Half Block 1
Concentric Circles Half Block 2
Concentric Circles Half Block 3
Concentric Circles Half Block 4
CP10 Custom Pattern Design Payment
CP15 Custom Pattern Payment
CS Sampler Instruction Book V 2
Curlique Block 8 Half
Curlique Border Corner
Curlique S
Curlique Sash 2
Curlique Sash 3
Curlique Vine Border / E2E
Curlique Vine Border Corner
Curlique Vine E2E
Curly Triangle 3
CurlyFeather Block 4
CurlyFeather Block 5
CurlyFeather Triangle 1
CurlyFeather Triangle 2
Curved Log Cabin Block
Custom Patterns
Daisy 1 E2E
Daisy 2 E2E
Daisy Block 1
Daisy Block 2
Daisy Block 3
Daisy Block 4
Daisy Block 5
Daisy Block 5 Half
Daisy Block 5 Triangle
Daisy Block 5A
Daisy Block 5A Half
Daisy Block 5A Triangle
Daisy Border
Daisy Border 2
Daisy Border 2 Corner
Daisy Border Corner
Daisy Pillow/Mini Wall Quilt
Daisy Single
Daisy Swag Runner
Daisy Triangle
Daisy Wreath Block
Daisy Wreath Table Runner
Daisy Wreath Wall Quilt
Daisy Wreath-Pillow/Wall Quilt Printed Pattern 22"x22"
Dan's Frame2194
Dan's Simple Dahlia Block
Diagonals Block Set
Diamond 10 P2P
Diamond 8 P2P
Diamond Bead Chain Sash 1
Diamond Bead Chain Sash 2
Diamond Bead Chain Sash 3
Diamond Chain Sash 1
Diamond Chain Sash 2
Diamond Chain Sash 3
Diamond Sash
Diamond Sash Block
Diamond-Bead Chain Sash Variation
Digitized Block Patterns
Digitized Block Patterns, Digitized P2P Patterns
Digitized BlockPatterns
Digitized Border & Sash Patterns
Digitized Border & Sash Patterns
Digitized Edge to Edge Patterns
Digitized P2P Patterns
Digitized P2P Patterns
Digitized Pattern Sets
Digitized Specialty Patterns
Digitized Whole Cloth Patterns
Digitized Wholecloth Patterns
Dogs N Cats Allover E2E
Donnas Block
Donnas Block Half
Donnas Block Half Triangle P2P
Donnas Block Quarter
Donnas Block Triangle P2P
Double Cable Block
Double Concentric Circles Large Block Framed
Double Concentric Circles Medium Block
Double Concentric Circles Medium Block Framed
Double Concentric Circles Small Block
Double Concentric Circles Small Block Framed
Double Concentric Circles-Large
Double Leaf Swag Border
Double Rosebud
Dresden Center
Dresden Plate 12
Dresden Plate 12 Frame
Dresden Plate 12-2
Dresden Plate 16
Dresden Plate 16-2
Dresden Plate Corner
Dresden Plate Floral Block
Dresden Plate Frame
Dresden Plate Pillow-Block
Drunkard's Path Variation Block
Drunkard's Path Variation Half Block
Drunkard's Path Variation Quarter Block
Drunkard's Path Variation Three Quarter Block
Drunkards Path Block 1
Drunkards Path Block 1 Half
Drunkards Path Block 2
Drunkards Path Block 2 Half
Drunkards Path Block 2Quarter
Drunkards Path Quarter Block
Drunkards Path Rosette
Drunkards Path Variation 2 Block 1
Drunkards Path Variation 2 Block 2
Drunkards Path Variation 2-1/2 Block
Drunkards Path Variation 2-1/4 Block
Drunkards Path Variation 2-3/4 Block
Drunkards Path Variation Block 2
DWR Fancy Floral Block 1
DWR Fancy Floral Block 2
DWR Fancy Floral Block 3
DWR Fancy Floral Melon
DWR Snowflake Block
DWR Snowflake Block 2
DWR Snowflake Block 2B
DWR Snowflake Block 3
DWR Snowflake Block2A
E2E Project Frame 1
E2E Project Frame 2
Easter Egg Hunt E2E
Easter Egg Hunt E2E 2
Echoed Triangle
Elegant Feather Block 2
Elegant Feather Block 2 Half
Elegant Feather Block 2 Quarter
Elegant Feather E2E
Elegant Feather Large Triangle
Elegant Feather Triangle 2
Elvis the Rooster
Elvis the Rooster Pillow/Wall Quilt
Elvis the Rooster Wall Quilt Printed Pattern
Espressivo E2E
except the piano key lines extend further past the curliques. Designed for an outside border to leave room for binding..
Fan Background Variation
Fan Block
Fan Block 5
Fan Block 7
Fancy Basket
Fancy Floral Block 1
Fancy Floral Block 2
Fancy Floral Block 3
Fancy Floral Block 4
Fancy Floral Block 5
Fancy Floral Triangle
Fancy Floral Triangle 2
Feather 2 Curlique Sash Corner
Feather Border 1
Feather Border 1 Center
Feather Border 1 End
Feather Border 3
Feather Border1 Corner
Feather Corner
Feather Curlique Sash
Feather Curlique Sash Corner
Feather Flower Triangle
Feather Plume
Feather Rosette
Feather Rosette 1/2 Block
Feather Rosette 1/4 Block
Feather Rosette 3/4 Block
Feather Sash
Feather Swag Corner
Feather Triangle
Feather with Curlique Border Center
Feather with Curlique Border End
Feather Wreath / Wine Glass
Feather Wreath 1
Feather Wreath 1-A
Feather Wreath 2
Feather Wreath 2 w/fill
Feather Wreath 2A
Feather Wreath w/feather
Feather Wreath w/feather & fill
Feather Wreath w/feather A
Feather Wreath w/Wine Glass
Feather Wreath Wine Glass w/fill
Feather Wreath-Rosette
Feather Wreath-Rosette A
Feather Wreath-Rosette w/fill
Feather2 Curlique Sash
Feather2 Curlique Sash2 P2P
Feather2 Curlique Sash3 P2P
Feather4 Curlique Sash
Feather4 Curlique Sash Corner
Feathered 9-Patch Block
Feathered 9-Patch Block 2
Feathered 9-Patch Border
Feathered 9-Patch Border Corner
Feathered 9-Patch Half Block
Feathered 9-Patch Small Triangle
Feathered 9-Patch Triangle
Feathered Border 1
Feathered Border 2
Feathered Curlique Frame
Feathered Curlique Section
Feathered Curlique Section P2P
Feathered Curlique Wreath
Feathered Curlique Wreath Half
Feathered Curlique Wreath Triangle
Feathered Diamond Block
Feathered Diamond Half Block
Feathered Diamond Half P2P
Feathered Diamond P2P
Feathered Flying Goose 2 P2P
Feathered Flying Goose P2P
Feathered Medallion
Feathered Medallion Wall Quilt 22" Printed Pattern
Feathered Medallion Wall Quilt 42" Printed Pattern
Feathered Motif
Feathered Motif 2
Feathered Pearl Border
Feathered Pearl Border Corner
Feathered Pearl Medallion Quilt Printed Pattern
Feathered Pearl Mini Wall Quilt
Feathered Pearl Wreath 12
Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 Half
Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 w/Background Triangle
Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 with Background
Feathered Pearl Wreath 12 with Background Half
Feathered Pearl Wreath 2 Triangle with Background
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4 Half
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4 Half w/fill
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4 Quarter
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4 Quarter w/fill
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4 w/fill
Feathered Pearl Wreath 4 w/fill Triangle
Feathered Pearl Wreath/Grid
Feathered Pearl Wreath/Grid/Fill
Feathered Pearl Wreath/Grid/Fill Triangle
Feathered Rectangle
Feathered Square
Feathered Square Half
Feathered Square in a Square
Feathered Square Quarter
Feathered Square Triangle
Feathered Star 2
Feathered Star 3
Feathered Star 3
Feathered Star 3 Half
Feathered Star 3 Quarter
Feathered Star 3 Triangle
Feathered Star Section
Feathered Swag
Feathered Swag 2
Feathered Swag 3
Feathered Swag with fill
Feathered Swag with fill corner
Feathered Wreath 1 w/fill Triangle
Feathered Wreath Mini Quilt II 22 x 22 Printed Pattern
Feathered Wreath-Swag Mini Quilt 22" x 22" Printed Pattern
Feathered Wreath1 w/fill
Feathers & Curlique Border
Feathers & Curlique Border Corner
Fern Meander E2E
Floral Fan Block
Floral Fan Block 5
Floral Fan Corner
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower 4
Flower 6
Flower 6 E2E
Flower Power (E2E) Border Corner
Flower Power Block 1
Flower Power Block 2
Flower Power Border 2
Flower Power Border 2 Corner
Flower Power E2E
Flower Power Large Block
Flower Rosette Double
Flower Rosette Double 1/2
Flower Rosette Double 1/4
Flower Rosette Double 3/4
Flurry of Dragonflies E2E
Flying Bird
Frame Bottom
Frame Top
Funky Aztec Border
Funky Aztec Border Corner
Funky Aztec E2E
Gift Certificates
Gingko E2E
Grandma's Roses E2E
Guitar Music E2E
Halloween Block
Halloween Block Cat
Halloween Block-Pumpkin
Halloween Block-Witch
Halloween Block-Witches
Halloween Cat Border
Halloween Cat Border Corner
Halloween E2E
Heirloom Feather Corner 2
Heirloom Feather Corner 3
Heirloom Feathered Wreath 2
Heirloom Feathered Wreath 2 Triangle
Heirloom Feathered Wreath Half
Heirloom Feathered Wreath with Grid
Heirloom Feathered Wreath with Grid Triangle
Heirloom Feathers Mini Wall Quilt
Heirloom Feathers Wall Quilt
Heirloom Large Feathered Wreath
Heirloom Large Feathered Wreath Frame
Heirloom Very Large Feathered Wreath
Heirloom Very Large feathered Wreath 2
Heirloom Very Large feathered Wreath 2 Half
Heirloom Very Large Feathered Wreath Frame
Heirloom Very Large Feathered Wreath Triangle w/fill
Heirloom Very Large Feathered Wreath w/fill
Hexagon Star
Hexagon Star Center
Hexagon Star Diamond
Hexagon Star Half Diamond P2P
Hexagon Star Point P2P
Holly Leaf
Holly Leaf Block 1
Holly Leaf Block 2
Holly Leaf Block 2 Half
Holly Leaf Block 2 Half 2
Holly Leaf Border
Holly Leaf Border 2
Holly Leaf Border 2 Corner
Holly Leaf Border Corner
Holly Leaf Triangle
Holly Leaf Wreath
Holly N Curls Block
Holly N Curls Triangle
Holly Pot Holder
Holly Sash
Holly Table Runner
Holly Wall Quilt
Holly Wall Quilt 2
Instructions to download QOV patterns
Jacque's Butterfly
Jazzed Up Feather Block
Jazzed Up Feather Block Half
Jazzed Up Feather Block Triangle
Jazzed Up Feather Border
Jazzed Up Feather Border Corner
Jazzed Up Feathered Square
Joan's Daisy Wreath
Just a Rose
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral & Butterfly E2E
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral & Butterfly2 E2E
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral 2 E2E Border Corner
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral 2 E2E or Border
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral Block 1
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral Border
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral Border Corner
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral Rectangle
Kaitlin's Elegant Floral Triangle
Karen's Star
Karen's Star Half
Karen's Star Quarter
Kay's Block
Kay's Funky Pearls
Kay's Funky Pearls 2
Kay's Sash P2P
Lace Swag Border
Lace Swag Border Corner
Lain's Ls E2E
Large 30-60-90 Triangle Feather
Large Beaded Wreath
Large Floral Block 1
Large Floral Block 2
Large Heirloom Feather Block
Large Heirloom Feather Block on Point-Half
Large Heirloom Feather Triangle
Large Simple Feathered Square
Leaf 1 P2P
Leaf 2 P2P
Leaf 3 P2P
Leaf 4 P2P
Leaf 5 P2P
Leaf Frame
Leaf Swag Block
Leaf Swag Border
Leaf Swag Border Corner
Leaf Swag Half Block
Leaf Swag Triangle
Leaf Wreath
Leaf Wreath Triangle
Leaves and Tendrils
Lilly Block
Little 8 Star 1
Little 8 Star 1 Half
Little 8 Star 1 Quarter
Little 8 Star 2
Little 8 Star 2 Half
Little 8 Star 2 Quarter
Little 8 Star 3
Little 8 Star 3 Half
Little 8 Star 3 Quarter
Little 8 Star 4
Little 8 Star 4 Half
Little 8 Star 4 Quarter
Little 8 Star 5
Little 8 Star 5 Half
Little 8 Star 5 Quarter
Log Cabin Block 1
Log Cabin Block 10
Log Cabin Block 2
Log Cabin Block 3
Log Cabin Block 4
Log Cabin Block 5
Log Cabin Block 6
Log Cabin Block 7
Log Cabin Block 8
Log Cabin Block 9
Log Cabin Feather Half Block
Log Cabin Fern Half Block
Long Arm Roll Patterns
Longarm Thread
Longarm Thread
Loops E2E
LT DK 16 Patch Block
Maggie's Star Bead Sash
Maggie's Star Bead Sash Corner
Maggie's Star Border
Maggie's Star Border Corner
Maggie's Star Center
Maggie's Star Corner Wedge
Maggie's Star Feather 1
Maggie's Star Feather 2
Maggie's Star Feather 2 x 4 Block
Maggie's Star Feather 2 x 4 Block 2
Maggie's Star Feather 2 x 6 Block
Maggie's Star Feather 3
Maggie's Star Feather 6
Maggie's Star Feather Medallion 2
Maggie's Star Flower
Maggie's Star Flower 2
Maggie's Star Flower Wall Quilt 22" Printed Pattern
Maggie's Star Flower Wall Quilt 42" Printed Pattern
Maggie's Star Medallion 1
Maggie's Star Medallion 2
Maggie's Star Medallion 3
Maggie's Star Medallion 4
Maple Leaf Block
Maple Leaf Block 2
Maple Leaf Block 3
Maple Leaf Border
Maple Leaf Border Corner
Maple Leaf Triangle
Marian's Floral 2 Flower
Marian's Floral 2 Large Triangle
Marian's Floral 2 Medium Triangle
Marian's Floral 2 Small Triangle
Marian's Floral Block
Marian's Floral Block 2
Marian's Floral Block 2 Triangle
Marian's Floral Block 2A
Marian's Floral Block 2A Triangle
Marian's Floral Block 3
Marian's Floral Block 3A
Marian's Floral Block 4
Marian's Floral Block 4A
Marian's Floral Border 1 Center
Marian's Floral Border 2
Marian's Floral Border 3
Marian's Floral Border 3 Corner
Marian's Floral Border Twist
Marian's Floral Bouquet
Marian's Floral Bouquet Wall Quilt
Marian's Floral Medallion
Marian's Floral Medallion 2
Marian's Floral Medallion 2A
Marian's Floral Medallion Quilt Printed Pattern
Marian's Floral Pillow Sham
Marian's Floral Sash 1
Marian's Floral Sash 1 Corner
Marian's Floral Sash 2
Marian's Floral Sash 2 Corner
Marian's Floral Sash Intersection
Marian's Floral Sash Section
Marian's Floral Sash Section 2
Marian's Floral Strip K-Q Quilt 7
Marian's Floral Strip Quilt K-Q 1
Marian's Floral Strip Quilt K-Q 3
Marian's Floral Strip Quilt K-Q 4
Marian's Floral Strip Quilt K-Q 6
Marian's floral strip quilt section 1
Marian's floral strip quilt section 2
Marian's floral strip quilt section 3
Marian's floral strip quilt section 4
Marian's floral strip quilt section 5
Marian's floral strip quilt section 6
Marian's floral strip quilt section 7
Marian's Floral Swag Border
Marian's Floral Swag Border Corner
Marian's Floral Triangle 1A
Marian's Floral Triangle 1B
Marian's Floral Triangle 2
Marian's Floral Wreath
Marian's Floral Wreath A
Marians Floral Border 1
Melissa's Feathered Heart Block
Melissa's Feathered Heart Block 2 w/background
Melissa's Feathered Heart Block w/background
Melissa's Feathered Heart Mini Wall Quilt
Melissa's Feathered Heart Pillow/Block
Mini Feathered Wreath Wall Quilt
Mini Feathered Wreath-Swag Wall Quilt
Mirrored Feather Plume
New Digitized Patterns
New York Sun Block
New York Sun Block 2
New York Sun Border
New York Sun Border Corner
Orchard Blossom 1
Orchard Blossom Leaves 1
Orchard Blossom 2
Orchard Blossom Block 2
Orchard Blossom Block 2A
Orchard Blossom Border
Orchard Blossom Border Corner
Orchard Blossom Branch 1A
Orchard Blossom E2E
Orchard Blossom Leaves 2
Orchard Blossom Leaves 2 Sash
Orchard Blossom Leaves 2 Sash Corner
Orchard Blossom Leaves E2E 2
Orchard Blossom Leaves Sash
Orchard Blossom Leaves Sash Corner
Orchard Blossom Swag
Orchard Blossom Swag Corner
Orchard Blossom Triangle
Orchard Blossom With Leaves 1
Orchard Blossom With Leaves 1A
Orchard Blossom Wreath 1
Orchard Blossom Wreath 1A
P120 Feathered Table Topper Printed Pattern
P123 Feathered Baskets Quilt 40x40 Printed Pattern
P2P Chain Sash 2
P2P Chain Sash 3
P2P Curlique
P2P Curlique Feather
P2P Feather Corner
P2P Feather Section
P2P Feathered Diamond 2.
P2P Feathered Square
P2P Leaf Square
P2P Rose Square
P2P Sash Vine
P2P Sash Vine 2
P2P Sash Vine 3
P2P Variable Star Blade
P2P Vine Wedge
Paisley & Cherries E2E
Pearl Sash
Pearl Sash 5 P2P
Pearl Sash 6 P2P
Pearl Sash 7 P2P
Pearl Sash 8 P2P
Pearl Sash Frame
Pearl Sash Wreath
Pine & Holly Block
Pine Forest Triangle
Pine Needles & Berries
Pine Needles & Berries 2
Pine Needles & Berries 2 Triangle
Pine Needles & Berries Half
Pine Needles & Berries Triangle
Pine Wreath
Pine Wreath 2
Pointsettia Block
Pretty Posies Block 2
Pretty Posies Block 3
Printed Pattern Sets
Printed Patterns
Printed Roll Patterns
Printed Whole Cloth Patterns
Printed Whole Cloth Patterns
Puzzle Border
Puzzle Border Corner
Puzzle Sash
Puzzle Sash Corner
QOV Stars N Stripes Block
QOV Stars N Stripes Block 2
QOV Stars N Stripes Border
QOV Stars N Stripes Border Corner
QOV Stars N Stripes E2E 2
QOV Stars N Stripes E2E3
Quarter Sun Block
Quick Swag Border
Quick Swag Border Corner
R 109 TKQ Gingko 14" E2E & 6" Border
R101 TKQ Floral E2E, Border and Sash
R102 TKQ Pretty Posies 11",6" E2E and 3" Border
R103 TKQ Feathers with Curliques Border/Sash Patterns
R104 TKQ 12" Blowin in the Wind E2E and 9" Swirling Ferns E2E
R105 TKQ 12" Stars N Stripes 3 E2E & 8" Stars N Stripes 2 E2E
R106 TKQ 9" & 7" Flower Power E2E & Border and 4" Flower Power Border #R106
R107 TKQ 12" & 9" Grandma's Roses E2E #R107
R108 TKQ 15" Kaitlin's Elegant Floral E2E & 6" Border#R108
R110 TKQ 14" Holly & Curls E2E, 2" Sash & 5" Holly Border
Race Car Border
Race Car Border Corner 2
Race Car Wall Quilt
Rocket Flower
Rocket Flower Arch Border 2
Rocket Flower Arch Border 2 Corner
Rocket Flower Block
Rocket Flower Block 2
Rocket Flower Border 2
Rocket Flower Border 2 Corner
Rocket Flower Border 3
Rocket Flower Border 3a
Rocket Flower Border 3a Corner
Rocket Flower Border Corner
Rocket Flower Border/E2E
Rocket Flower Chain Sash
Rocket Flower E2E 2
Rocket Flower E2E 3
Rocket Flower Placemat
Rocket Flower Pot Holder Pattern
Rocket Flower Triangle
Rocket Flower Wreath
Rocket Flower Wreath 2
Rocket Flower Wreath Mini Wall Quilt
Rocket Flower Wreath Wall Quilt Block
Rocket Flower Wreath Wall Quilt Section 1
Rocket Flower Wreath Wall Quilt Section 2
Rope Border
Rope Border Corner
Rose & Bud Border
Rose & Bud Border Corner
Rose Border
Rose Border Corner
Rose Border Corner 2
Rose Branch
Rose Branch 1A
Rose Fan
Rose Fan 2
Rose Fan 3
Rose Fan 4
Rose Fan 6
Rose N Leaves
Rose Swag 2
Rose Swag 2 Corner
Rose Swag Border 1
Rose Swag Border 1 Corner 1
Rose Swag Border 1 Corner 2
Rose Triangle
Rose Wreath
Rose Wreath 1A
Rosebud Block
Rosebud Leaf Swag Border
Rosebud Leaf Swag Border 2
Rosebud Leaf Swag Border Corner
Rosebud Sash 2
Rosebud Sash 3
Rosebud Sash Border
Rosebud Sash Border 2
Rosebud Sash Border 2 Corner
Rosebud Sash Border Corner
Rosebud Wreath
Rosette Branch
Rosette Branch 1A
Rosette Branch Triangle Large
Rosette Branch Triangle Small
Rosette Curlique Block 8
Rosette with Background Filler
Royal Pearls Block
Royal Swag
Royal Swag Corner
Royal Swag Feather Fill
Royal Swag Frame
Running Horse
Running Horse Block
Running Horse E2E
Running Horses Border
Running Horses Border Corner
S100 TKQ Hexagon Star Pattern Set
S101 Desert Nine-Patch Set
Sailing E2E
Sale Items
Samantha's Flower
Samantha's Flower Block
Samantha's Flower Block 2
Samantha's Flower Border
Samantha's Flower Border Corner
Samantha's Flower Bouquet
Samantha's Flower Bouquet 2
Samantha's Flower Curlique Block
Samantha's Flower Triangle Large
Samantha's Flower Triangle Medium
Samantha's Flower Triangle Small
Sash Cornerstone
Sash Grid 1-4
Sash Grid 1-5
Sash Grid 1-6
Sash Grid 1-8
Scalloped Feather Border
Scalloped Feather Border Corner
Scrolls for Right Triangle
Signature Block 1
Signature Block 2
Simple Dahlia Block
Simple Dahlia Block Half
Simple Dahlia Border
Simple Dahlia Border Corner
Simple Dahlia Triangle
Simple Daisy Block
Simple Feather Block 1
Simple Feather Block 1 Half
Simple Feather Block 1 Triangle
Simple Feather Border
Simple Feather Border Corner
Simple Feather Wreath Quarter
Simple Feathered Wreath
Simple Leaf Double Swag Border
Simple Leaf Block
Simple Leaf Block 2
Simple Leaf Block 3
Simple Leaf Block 4
Simple Leaf Block Center
Simple Leaf Block Half
Simple Leaf Swag
Simple Leaf Swag Corner
Simple Leaf Triangle
Simple P2P Frame
Simple Swag Border
Simple Swag Border Corner
Single Rosebud
Small Feather Flower
Small Feather Flower Half
Small Feather Flower Triangle
Small Feather Flower-Corner/Triangle
Small Feathered Pearl Wreath/Grid/Fill
Small Parallelogram Feather
Snake River Log Cabin Feather
Snowflake Block
Snowflake Block 2
Snowflake Block 2 Half
Snowflake Block 3
Snowflake Block 3 Half
Snowflake Block Half
Snowflake Border
Snowflake Border Corner
Snowflake center
Snowflake Sash
Snowflake Triangle
Snowflakes in the Wind E2E
Something Simple
Something Simple Border
Something Simple Border Corner
Something Simple Array
Something Simple Array Half
Something Simple Frame
Southwest Block
Southwest Border Corner Block
Southwest Border-P2P Sash
Southwest Half Block
Southwest Quarter Block
Southwest Rectangle
Spinning Ribbons
Spinning Star
Spiral Block
Spiral Block 2
Spiral Block 3
Spiral Block 4
Spiral Block 5
Spiral N Zig Zags
Spiraling Vine Border
Spiraling Vine Rectangle
Sports E2E
Spring Chick Block
Spring Chick Border
Spring Chick Border Corner
Spring Chick E2E
Square in a Square Frame
Stack N Whack Curlique Block
Stack N Whack Flower
Stack N Whack Flower Half
Stack N Whack Simple Feather
Star 6
Star N Loop
Star Sprinkles Block 1
Star Sprinkles Block 2
Stars N Stripes 2 E2E
Stars N Stripes 3 E2E
Statler Pattern Tips and Instructions
Statler Stitcher patterns,Statler,Stitcher,IntelliQuilter,Digitized,Pattern,Designs
Summer Flowers block 1
Summer Flowers block 2
Summer Flowers block 2 half
Summer Flowers block 2 triangle
Summer Flowers block 3
Summer Flowers block 3 triangle
Summer Flowers border 1
Summer Flowers border 1 corner
Summer Flowers border 1a
Summer Flowers border 1a corner
Summer Flowers-Leaves Block
Summer Flowers-Leaves Border
Summer Flowers-Leaves Border Corner
Summer Flowers-Leaves triangle
Sunrise Border
Sunrise Border Corner
Swag Feather
Swag Feather Corner
Swag Feather SID
Swag Feather SID
Swag with Curlique
Swag with Curlique Corner
Swirling Star
Sylvia's Feathered Heart 2
Sylvia's Feathered Heart Block
Sylvia's Feathered Heart Border
Sylvia's Feathered Heart E2E
Sylvia's Feathered Heart Triangle
Sylvia's FeatheredTriangle 2
Tall Triangle Block
Tall Triangle P2P
Texas Star
Texas Star Wreath
TKQ 25 Patch P2P Sash
TKQ 25 Patch Small Triangle P2P
TKQ 25 Patch Triangle P2P
TKQ Angular Meander E2E
TKQ Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Wall Quilt 22" Printed Pattern
TKQ Blossoms N Lace Medallion Block
TKQ Blossoms N Lace Medallion Mini Wall Quilt
TKQ Blossoms N Lace Motif 1
TKQ Blossoms N Lace Motif 2
TKQ Collection 11
TKQ Digitized Pattern Catalog
TKQ Digitized Pattern Catalog PDF
TKQ Digitized Pattern Club - CD Delivery
TKQ Digitized Pattern Club - E-mail Delivery
TKQ Double Wedding Ring Feather
TKQ DWR Feather 2A
TKQ DWR Feather 3
TKQ DWR Feather 4
TKQ DWR Feather 5
TKQ DWR Feather1
TKQ DWR Feather2
TKQ Elegant Feather Border 2
TKQ Elegant Feather Border 2 Corner
TKQ Elegant Floral Rectangle
TKQ Faster Posies E2E
TKq Feathered Curlique Border
TKQ Feathered Curlique Border Corner
TKQ Feathered Medallion Mini Wall Quilt
TKQ Feathered Parallelogram P2P
TKQ Feathered Wreath Wall Hanging 22" Printed Pattern
TKQ Feathered Wreath Wall Hanging 42" Printed Pattern
TKQ Floral Block
TKQ Floral Block 2
TKQ Floral Border
TKQ Floral Border Corner
TKQ Floral E2E
TKQ Floral Sash
TKQ Floral Sash Corner
TKQ Floral Triangle
TKQ Flower 5
TKQ Flower 5 Border
TKQ Flower 5 Border Corner 1
TKQ Flower 5 Border Corner 2
TKQ Flower 5 Border End
TKQ Flower 5 Branch
TKQ Flower 5 Branch A
TKQ Flower 5 Circle 2
TKQ Flower 5 Triangle
TKQ Flower 5 with Circle
TKQ Flower 5 with Outline
TKQ Heirloom Feather Border
TKQ Heirloom Feather Border Corner
TKQ Heirloom Feather Border End
TKQ Heirloom Feathered Wreath
TKQ Heirloom Feathered Wreath Mini Wall Quilt
TKQ Maple Leaves E2E
TKQ Marian's Floral Bouquet Wall Quilt Printed Pattern 22x26
TKQ nine-patch CC
TKQ nine-patch CC 2
TKQ nine-patch CC SID
TKQ Pretty Posies Border
TKQ Pretty Posies Border Corner
TKQ Pretty Posies E2E
TKQ Pretty Posies Large Block
TKQ Pretty Posies Swag Border
TKQ Pretty Posies Swag Border Corner
TKQ Pretty Posies Triangle
TKQ Pretty Posies Wreath Block
TKQ Rocket Flower Wreath Pillow
TKQ Rocket Flower Wreath Runner
TKQ Rose
TKQ Rose and Swag Mini Wall Quilt
TKQ Skewed Rose
TKQ Stars N Stripes Block 1
TKQ Stars N Stripes Block 2
TKQ Stars N Stripes Block 3
TKQ Stars N Stripes Block 4
TKQ Stars N Stripes Border
TKQ Stars N Stripes Border Corner
TKQ Swirling Ferns Block
TKQ Swirling Ferns E2E
TKQ Triangle Bars Large
TKQ Triangle Bars Large Quarter
TKQ Triangle Bars Medium
TKQ Triangle Bars Medium Quarter
TKQ Triangle Bars Small
TKQ Triangle Bars Small Quarter
Trapezoid Border 14x4
Trapezoid Border 20x4
Triangle 1
Triangle Cross Hatch 10-1
Triangle Cross Hatch 10-1 Half
Triangle Cross Hatch 12-1
Triangle Cross Hatch 12-1 Half
Triangle Cross Hatch 14-1
Triangle Cross Hatch 14-1 Half
Triangle Cross Hatch 8-1
Triangle Cross Hatch 8-1 Half
Tulip Block
Tulip Block
Tulip Block Half
Tulip Border
Tulip Border Corner
Tulip Hexagon Block
Tulip Hexagon Half
Tulip Triangle
Tulip Wreath Block
Tulip Wreath Block Triangle
Twisted Feathers
Variable Star Blade
Vine Sash
Vine Sash Corner
Violin Music E2E
Wavy X-Hatch
Wavy X-Hatch 2
Wavy X-Hatch 3
When Pigs Fly E2E
Wine Glass 4 Block
Wine Glass Border 2
Wine Glass Border 2 Corner
Wine Glass Outline Triangle
Wine Glass Triangle
Wine Glass with Outline
Wineglass 9 Block
Wineglass Triangle
Wineglass with Frame Block
Wineglass with Frame Triangle
Woven 4 Patch
Woven Block
Woven Block 2
Woven Block 3
Woven Block 4
Woven Block 5
Woven Block 6
Woven Block Single
Woven E2E
Statler Stitcher, Intelliquilter, Innova, Compuquilter, QBOT, SideSaddle, Pro Stitcher Patterns, HandiQuilter Designs TK Quilting & Design LLC Tammy Finkler Oberlin